Unifying TV2’s Customer Journey Across the Web, App and Smart Tvs



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Get to Know TV2


TV2 is a government-owned subscription television station in Denmark based in Odense, Funen.

In continuation of their work to optimize the digital user experience in the digital universes, TV2 has, over the years, introduced a number of specialized tools and systems. These tools and systems that have provided new insights into users' behavior but have also made it difficult for TV2 to get an overview of the use of their services. Especially across platforms.

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Understanding the User Journey


To address this issue, Valtech designed an Adobe Analytics solution that measures user journeys across TV2's domains, platforms and content. TV2's existing solution was carefully reviewed and TV2's Adobe Analytics and Adobe HeartBeat implementations were updated.

The process included several stakeholder interviews with editorial and commercial staff, analytics functions and IT. Inputs from here were combined with a technical review of the existing solution and Valtech's many years of experience with the Adobe platform.

After the data architecture had been documented and the solution drawn up, Valtech prepared a roadmap for the TV2 IT development, which made it possible to implement the solution across all domains and platforms in six months.

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Insights Across All Platforms


As a result of the renewed analytics implementation, TV2 is now able to gain insights about users, content consumption and interaction across all platforms from web to mobile and apps to smart TV. In addition, TV2 has a structure in place that is based on a targeted and personalized user experience, which enhances the user's experience of relevance and usefulness when he or she interacts with TV2 in the digital channels. This makes it easier for TV2 to meet their business goals.

"Valtech has handled the process with our Adobe Analytics projects professionally. They have listened well to our needs and at the same time taught the project strong methods and demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform. Valtech has proven to be a valuable partner, both in terms of strategic sparring and complex data architecture and implementation.” ~ Mette Lehrmann, TV2's Head of Analysis