TV4 Play

From TV Channel to Leading Content Provider


Get to Know TV4


The TV4 Group is Sweden's largest commercial tv company and has delivered engaging news, grand entertainment of great variety and quality, live sport and top-class drama to Swedish viewers for 25 years.

TV Whenever You Want


Working closely with the TV4 team, especially with interface design, Valtech built a live streaming platform for all of TV4’s programming and enabled customers to rent movies through the newly created Hyrbutiken service. Focusing on specific needs, we were able to enhance the display of responsive images, use object-oriented CSS and engage in the isolated testing of JavaScript. The interface itself acts as the glue between TV4’s various services.

A Customized Solution


The solution for was built from scratch using Ruby on Rails and completely customized. This design decision was more efficient than adapting an existing CMS-solution (shorter development cycles, faster editorial interface and easier integrations).

It’s Playtime


With TV4 Play, the TV4 Group has grown from a TV channel to become one of the leading content providers in Sweden. Valtech has created an enhanced streaming experience resulting in a more loyal consumer base with a potential growth of nearly 25 million viewers and users.

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