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Sanitas modernizes its customer experience



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About Sanitas

Sanitas is one of the largest health insurers in Switzerland - with 918 employees, 818,000 policyholders and a premium volume of over three billion Swiss francs.

With the ambition to be the first digital end-to-end health insurance company in Switzerland, over the last decade, we’ve helped them to transform their customer experience across every channel and touchpoint, from marketing and sales to customer relationship management. Central to this work is the evolution of their customer portal, now offering a modernized new web experience and mobile app for all customers, with impressive results.

Intuitive and transparent customer empowerment


The new and improved Sanitas Portal, available as an app or in web, empowers customers to take charge of their health insurance needs by providing a modern and intuitive user interface. It enables them to register independently to access multiple services including contracts, payments, and history, and provides them with full transparency across all interactions, invoices, and status updates.

Putting the customer at the heart of the business, the portal gives them the ability to keep track of their activities and to reduce response time.

Digitally transformed for the future

Brought to life with a new architectural approach that prioritized speed and flexibility, together with Valtech, Sanitas has moved from a slow-moving monolithic set up, to a forward looking microservices architecture. Core processes were restructured, simplified, and automated as part of the project, with a positive effect on the time-to-market of new products and services. The new agile way of working enables digital innovation, experiments, and new business models to be developed, tested, and rolled out quickly. As a result, a higher frequency in releases has been realized, tripling from four to 12 per year thanks to the agile microservices architecture.


This shift has further enabled better integration as well accelerating development of all digital channels, allowing Sanitas to execute fully personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

A close partnership as a prerequisite for digital transformation success

The basis for driving innovation with a customer-centric focus, building on leading-edge technologies and methodologies requires close, partnership-based collaboration and the establishment of a modern and agile team.


Considered one of the leading digital innovation companies in Switzerland, Valtech has been working alongside Sanitas for more than a decade. This close working partnership meant that they were quickly able to build and scale the team with Sanitas, creating a modern and attractive working environment that continuously attracts talent.

As an empowering partner, Valtech brings our digital transformation to life by encouraging us to always take the next step towards innovation. Together, we turn the challenges of the health insurance market into opportunities by using leading-edge-technology. Moving together as one team within an agile and modern working environment has proven to be very successful. With their extensive experience and understanding of our industry, Valtech has proven to be the right choice for a long-term partner.

- Mohammad Najm, Head of IT Delivery and Technology Sanitas

I am very proud and happy to accompany Sanitas on its transformation journey. Thanks to our close collaboration at eye level and our focus on value creation, accelerating time to market and aligning strategy and execution, we have been able to build a sustainable and long-lasting relationship. We put customer needs and culture at the centre and work together as a team in an integrated and agile way to realise their full potential and adapt quickly to change. I look forward to continuing to help Sanitas grow and develop their digital business.

- Karim Djelid, Head of Client Partnerships Valtech



More than 400,000 registered users are now benefiting from the transformed service. Almost half of all submitted receipts are now digital, and interaction costs fell by CHF 9 million per year. The time from order receipt to execution has also been drastically reduced meaning new products and services are making it to market much faster than before.

What's more, Sanitas can now track and monitor all process steps and conduct fully personalized and targeted marketing on all digital channels. The reward for the work: The Sanitas Portal won three awards in Switzerland in the categories “Business”, "Business Impact" and "User Experience & Usability”.

According to the expert jury, the Sanitas Portal App impresses with its reduced, yet very appealing design and a comprehensive range of digital services - be it for illness, accidents, administrative matters, but also for prevention. The ability to pay bills directly within the app is outstanding. Despite a large range of functions, the app feels simple for the user, as the desired function can be executed quickly and in a self-explanatory manner in various ways.

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