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Beyond the brand

If we accept that change is the only constant force, then how to best adapt to changes is the primary question facing all businesses in all industries. Luxury is no different, and yet the luxury and fashion industries have historically been slow to adopt changes, and luxury e-commerce is one area that continues to lag behind the progress of other retail competition.

As the world continues to change to adopt an even stronger digital-first approach, luxury brands must change to meet the needs and expectations of an evolving client-base.

Innovating the experience for Luxury brands

At Valtech, we help our clients become more customer-centric, adaptive and innovative. Our work can be separated into three distinct phases: Advisory, Enablement and Delivery.

During Advisory, our experts offer strategic guidance through management consulting, gathering important information about your brand and ensuring buy-in from all relevant stake holders. We also facilitate change through change managements, getting your brand ready for the new way of working that comes with any luxury brand’s digital transformation.

Enablement is where a lot of the magic happens. Our experts not only build the needed platforms and capabilities needed to run your solution, we also make sure to train your staff on how to get the most out of your new platforms and how to best implement your new brand experiences. This way, you aren’t left with a new solution you’re completely dependent on someone else to operate.

Luckily, you’ll never be in a position to need to edit, fix or update a solution on your own because with Valtech as your strategic partner, you’ll always have a fully integrated team on hand to meet any future needs. During Delivery, luxury digital marketing solutions will go into place, a member of the Valtech team can be integrated into your workflow, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to keep delivering your solution and new experiences smoothly.

Luxury e-commerce trends show that the future of the industry is one dominated by new customer experiences, fueled by some of the most advanced technology and leveraged in such a manner that it will fundamentally change the relationship between luxury brands and their clients. For brands who want to deliver on these trends for their customers, but who don’t want to transform fully into tech companies, the need for a strong digital partner has never been stronger.

Valtech is a strategic partner you can trust to handle the technical work while you keep focused on providing the high-quality products and personalized service your brand in known for.

the art of storytelling

By activating your brand with emotions, we elevate and accelerate growth potential.

Through the last six years, I have been working closely with Valtech around the development of Pandora's brand sites, and Valtech has delivered a high standard of development from their very competent employees. Pandora has in this period experienced big growth and our digital success is in great extent due to Valtech's technical skills along with their knowledgeable advisory as an active co-player in analysis and development. Valtech's hospitality, professionalism, and high quality has resulted in us always feeling very safe with Valtech as partner.

Allan Sloth Jørgensen
Online & e-commerce Manager at Pandora


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