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The data dimension

Financial Services Data Evolution

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What to expect

With the ambition to deliver the best possible experiences for their users (and derive new revenue opportunities for themselves in the process), brands are understandably turning to their data to look for the answers. But, to deliver the experiences that add the most value requires a genuine understanding of your customer data. As we scale to new heights in connected, omnichannel offerings, we are only adding to the complexity that brands need to deal with. So, how can we make sense of the data we’re collecting? How can we derive value from it today, and how can we use those insights to plan for tomorrow, too?


John Allen: Head of Data and Analytics Product Strategy, Cloud and Platform Technology, Global Investment Bank

Per Rasmussen: Managing Director, Commercial Strategy & Data Transformation, Valtech

Topics: Data Transformation, Customer Experience, Customer Data, Analytics, Privacy, Tech & Organisational Change

John Allen

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