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Get to Know Volkswagen

The Volkswagen car configurator empowers future drivers to put together their dream car to their heart’s content. And thanks to its powerful integration with various databases, the car configurator offers countless insights and options.

For most people, choosing a new car involves a lot of research: from advice from a neighbour to test drives. And once you’ve chosen your make and model, a whole new range of choices follows. Volkswagen aims to make it easy with a simple yet powerful car configurator.


Online Orientation

Using the online configurator, the user can put together his or her ideal car and see if it’s in stock. They can also save it for later or send it through to a dealer. This gives the customer a better idea of the options and what they want, and the dealer knows what someone is looking for before they walk in the door. It’s an ideal way to make future drivers feel more committed to a possible purchase.


Powerful integration

The car configurator was built in Sitecore and Azure in several sprints. The responsive, standalone application is multi-branded. Currently, the car configurator is available on the Volkswagen, ŠKODA and SEAT sites. The configurator is also coupled to the database for model information, prices and options. It’s further coupled to the company’s stock locator application, so that potential customers can see immediately if a vehicle with, or close to, their desired specification is available at a dealer’s showroom for immediate delivery.

The car configurator enables customers to arrange a private-lease contract for their self-configured VW Up! or new Golf. Other forms of financing deals and insurance options are set to follow.

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