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A successful campaign for the introduction of Wavin Tigris K5/M5

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Meet Wavin

Wavin is an innovative supplier of solutions for the construction and infrastructure industry on multiple continents. Or, as they themselves put it in Jip-en-Janneketaal: "we are underground and in the wall". With more than 60 years of expertise, the company is able to meet some of the biggest challenges in the world: safe and efficient water supply, better sanitation and hygiene, climate-resilient cities and better construction performance.

Simplifying work

A dive into the world of installers

Where people are usually not consciously concerned with Wavin products, installers do. So imagine. You are an installer and have just installed a piping system. You now do the final check, the air pressure test, and notice that you have forgotten to press a fitting somewhere. Can happen, but must be fixed. Only: which fitting is involved? That's where Wavin appears on stage. An unpressed Wavin Tigris K5/M5 makes a good whistling noise during the air pressure test, so it is not to be missed which fitting still needs to be pressed equally well. The time of allfittings and all of them go off, is over!  

The challenge

The challenge

A flute sound with function

Wavin's request to Valtech was to digitally guide wavin Tigris K5/M5's product introduction in Europe. A seamless customer experience was central to this, and data insights formed the basis. The big goal in this campaign?  Have small and large European installers request a sample pack. But that wasn't all. Because Wavin was relatively new to the digital domain at the start of this collaboration, this campaign would at the same time become a blueprint for future European campaigns. The pressure was on!  

The solution

The solution

Our "plan the campaign"

A good preparationis half the work – especially when it comes to larger projects. That is why we held several workshops in the first phase of this project to ensure that Wavin and we were on the same page. Based on that input, we have determined KPIs, set up journeys, devised a creative concept, drawn upa media plan and created a personalization and retargeting plan. With all this knowledge in our pocket, we switched to creation, and a few weeks later the campaign was live,including landing pages and social mediaassets. On Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, installers came across our posts for weeks – with results.   


The results

A first to be proud of

To be fair, we are super proud of the results. Although Wavin had been a customer with us for a while, the 'Tigris campaign', as the project was called in the corridors, was Wavin' first step towards digital marketing at Valtech. And then it's extra nice that the results are so beautiful!  

The future

Far from finished

Wavin has great ambitions. And that's good, because we do. That is why we have set up several other campaigns together since the campaign for Wavin Tigris K5/M5.  And onething is for sure: our team has never known so much about water supply, construction performance and infrastructure. And we're far from finished.  


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