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Create a Common Goal and a United Team with Valtech Collaboration Services

June 25, 2020

Delivering results is good, creating value is even better. And when it comes to encouraging team collaboration, personal and team-level development are decisive. Especially for businesses operating on a global scale. Valtech Collaboration Services uses the “power of nurture” to help you turn common goals into united teams.

Working together now means something different to what it did just a couple of months ago. Whereas we used to spend most of our time in small offices, and work from home maybe once a week, we are now forced to rely on virtual teamwork. In any setting, getting people to collaborate can be a challenge, but it’s especially tough when it involves a multidisciplinary team. How do you maximise the outcome of a team like that? How do you ensure that the team’s members grow in ways that contribute to achieving your business goals? These are just some of the many questions we aim to address with the Valtech Collaboration Services.

Internal focus

Valtech established its own Academy seven years ago, with the idea of ensuring that we all grew personally, professionally and in teams. It began by offering internal training, workshops and knowledge sessions. Later, it added external courses. But throughout, the starting point has always been twofold: 1), to brush up people’s knowledge and, 2), to stimulate their personal development. Basically, happy people usually deliver better work.

High-performance teams

Seven years on, and the Academy now embraces teams and teamwork as well as individual needs. In essence, we have learned that while it is important to cater for personal needs, ultimately what matters is that we, as a company-wide team, feel good about each other. This way, we perform better together. So, while the heart of growth and development always lies at the individual level, the overarching focus is on the realisation of high-performance teams. In other words, a form of collaboration that results in more being created than each team member themselves thought possible. Although it almost sounds utopian, this kind of high-performance team is more closely within reach than you might think.

Collaboration services

The idea behind our new offering, Valtech Collaboration Services, is to shape collaboration in a way that influences teams and their results positively. Think of these Collaboration Services as a toolbox of multiple “enablers” – methods to improve collaboration, such as insights discovery, design thinking, agile coaching and much more. From workshops and training to simulating realistic situations in role-play, the point is to teach the team to really understand each member and so equip them to multiply each other’s strengths and compensate for any weaknesses. These are not the kinds of sessions in which you listen politely and then revert to the mean once it’s over. These Collaboration Services focus on the core of the team and getting the absolute maximum out of it.

Using this methodology, you work towards growing high performance teams that see themselves reflected in your company’s goals – and do their utmost to achieve them.

Instead of viewing collaboration as an end in itself, whether now or even once things return to normal, it’s time to invest in continuous development. Are you curious to know more about our Collaboration Services? We're more than happy to tell you all about it. 

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