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Does a Move to MACH Make Sense for Your Business?

Commerce Manager

June 03, 2020

MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud native and Headless) technologies and principles are increasingly gaining precedence in the world of digital transformation. But how do you know if it’s the right move for your business?

Here are my recommendations on what to look out for when transforming your technical solution. The more of the following criteria you can tick off, the more likely it is that your transformation is a better fit for a MACH approach and more modern architecture patterns.

☑ You’ve got multichannel ambitions - you’re anticipating increasing numbers of customer touchpoints and channels moving forward. More channels lead to a more interesting MACH approach.

☑ You’d benefit from a scalable infrastructure - your business requires you to respond to seasonal peaks (e.g. Black Friday Deals), but you want to be able to operate at, and pay for, standard levels for the most of the time.

☑ You rely on stability and uptime – uptime is business critical. Regardless of traffic, updates or if one of the systems or micro-services goes down, the rest of the system and especially the core functionality need to stay up and running.

☑ You want a modular strategy - you want to gradually replace a legacy architecture by replacing one system/platform at a time. You might also be a challenger who needs to keep a best-of-breed solution but also use the modularity to support experimentation and innovation on new business models and offers.

☑ You’ve got a multi system solution – your existing solution already contains multiple systems, and therefore it’s natural to create API’s to integrate between the systems and make it part of your architecture.

☑ You operate with multiple teams – you need multiple teams to work on solutions (e.g. different business domains) in parallel.

☑ You need speed – you need the ability to quickly build, change and release new features or functionality to the market.

☑ You want consumption-based costs – your business model supports that if there are lots of transactions you might have to pay more, but if the number of transactions goes down, you also expect the costs to go down.

If you can tick off two-three or more of these criteria, then there’s a good chance that a MACH architecture might make sense for your business. So, what next? Maybe this article can help you get started: 5 Steps to Get Started with MACH

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