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Event Date: November 17, 2020
Webinar: Watch on demand

Maria Alfredéen, Daniel Calà and David Fuchslin had a candid conversation about how they built a modern web development department at SAS that brought an engineering mindset to the organization and changed their way of working.

Learn more from them about why bringing value to the customer is the key reference point for new initiatives, the benefits of implementing a modern tech stack, how COVID-19 sped things up and how Contentful helped SAS achieve their goals.


Maria Alfredéen, Head of Digital Development, SAS
Digital development in the travel domain has been Maria's playground for almost 20 years. With the travel industry constantly being challenged, Maria brings about changes in large organizations to stay on top of these challenges. She is passionate about leading transformations in culture, teams and technology.

Daniel Calà, Lead Web Developer, SAS
Daniel Calà has 20+ years of experience as a developer. Today he works Fullstack with the frontend as a main focus. He is passionate about learning from other developers, team collaboration dynamics, speed in delivery and site performance. Daniel finds automation as a key to keeping it clean and simple.

David Fuchslin, DevOps Engineer, Valtech
David Fuchslin has been working with modern technology stacks focusing on MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud and Headless) for nearly 15 years along with specific experience on enterprise platforms. He currently leads digital transformation by supporting development teams to improve quality, efficiency, knowledge sharing and automation