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  • Company: Hitachi Energy
  • Theme: Launching a Carve-Out in 4.5 Months
  • Name & Title: Javier Ramos, Head of Digital Communications
  • Topics: Managing a Launch, Importance of Communication, Stakeholder Management, MVP's, Content Clean-Up, The Right Setup, Empowerment

No Time to Waste

You need to establish a brand identity, create a website that portrays it, social media that reflects it and an intranet to support everything going on behind the scenes. And you have 4.5 months before you have to launch. - Javier Ramos is here to tell you, that it can be done.

Get insights on what it takes to launch an entirely new joint venture, when every second counts! We can reveal upfront - not everything has to be perfect, somethings just have to work.

"It is important to manage the expectations of your stakeholders and from the management within the organization and draw them a realistic picture of what can be achieved."

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