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We bring powerful Salesforce solutions

Valtech is honored to be a Salesforce Summit Partner, the highest level of partnership, while we advise and support our clients along the project lifecycle, from the analysis phase to the implementation and operations. As a Salesforce integration partner, we cover the whole suite of Salesforce solutions, providing results on the Customer 360 platform.  


Valtech is a digital agency that designs experiences spanning the physical and virtual worlds, based on data ensuring a high ROI and customer engagement while meeting the needs of the businesses we partner with.  

Multi-cloud Salesforce solutions

Salesforce B2C Commerce

Your digital store is key to building customer relationships and growing your business. We build the best Commerce sites for you to serve your customers 24x7. 

  • E-commerce Strategy

  • UX & Design

  • B2C and Marketplace implementations

  • Headless/Composable Commerce

  • Innovation Services

  • Order Management System



Salesforce B2B Commerce

Buyers expect the seamless, self-service experience of online shopping whether shopping for themselves or for their business. We help B2B businesses meet their customers where they are. 

  • B2B E-commerce Strategy

  • Fast reorders and contract pricing

  • Purchasing recommendations tailored to each customer in real time 

  • Headless/Composable Commerce

  • Innovation Services

  • Order Management System



Sales Cloud

We provide a range of services that benefit our clients looking to optimize their sales effectiveness.

  • Salesforce CRM business analysis, configuration and implementation

  • Sales lead management, forecasting, data management, tracking, analytics, automation

  • Systems integration



Service Cloud

We support our clients in growing lifelong relationships with their customers.

  • Customer service transformation and implementation

  • CTI integration Self Service & Field

  • Service Implementation

  • Community portal development


Marketing Cloud

We provide Digital Marketing services through Salesforce Marketing Cloud to help our clients connect with their customers in highly personal ways backed by data and AI integrations.

  • CDP/Data Cloud

  • Personalization

  • GPT-Powered Campaigns

  • Advertising

  • Improved Marketing ROI

  • Loyalty Management

  • Automation



Data Cloud

Through Salesforce Data Cloud we help brands capitalize on their first-party data to create highly personalized customer experiences with a high ROI and shortened TTM. By engineering experiences backed by AI and powered by Data, we're changing brand/customer relationships forever.

  • Reduce costs

  • Improve TTM

  • Increase productivity

  • Break down data silos

  • Increase personalization

  • Manage data in compliance with local laws



Order Management System

Making sure your customers have options when placing an order is one of the most important factors in today’s commerce landscape. With Salesforce Order Management, you get support on more than just logistics issues. This customer-centric OMS covers everything from stock levels to delivery options.

  • Automate order filling activities

  • Centralize order data

  • Accurately view inventory across fulfillment channels

  • Enjoy multiple shipping/delivery options



Experience Cloud

We develop unique experiences, connected across touchpoints, that enhance our clients’ relationships with their customers while building brand loyalty.

  • Create experiences unique to your needs

  • Pull data from various sources

  • Tailor personalized experiences for each customer

  • Increase online engagement

Salesforce on Alibaba Cloud

By combining Chatlab Accelerator’s advanced solutions with Salesforce, we enable retailers to deliver personalized customer journeys and 360° social experiences for Chinese clients. 

  • Expand into, or grow within China

  • Bring full Salesforce Customer360 functionality to APAC

  • Leverage China's largest marketplace: Alibaba 

  • Revolutionize your business operations



MuleSoft Integration

We provide integration services and help our clients unlock data from any system and get a 360° view of their customers.

  • Architecture and design flow

  • Master Data management

  • Synch/Async connectivity

  • API development

  • Micro services implementation

AppExchange Product Development

We develop custom solutions that provide the flexibility and control our clients expect.

  • Application development

  • Business analysis and solution architecture

  • AppExchange listing & management

  • Technical & Security review expertise

  • Packaging

  • UX and Creative Design


The Salesforce Platform is the world’s number one Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. It allows you to focus on building apps to connect to your customers in whole new ways, while Salesforce maintains the infrastructure necessary to get the job done.

  • Build an app in as little as 20 minutes

  • Integrate your app with third party sites

  • Use app templates to streamline the process

  • Ensure every app you build meets your requirements for performance, scalability, security and compliance.

Tableau Analytics

We ensure our clients crack the full power of Salesforce with data analysis and gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

  • Strategy consulting

  • Data preparation

  • Data visualization

  • Business intelligence

  • Commercial insights

We’re a Salesforce consulting partner uniquely qualified to transform your business

We understand that for many companies, Salesforce is vital to their business. As a Salesforce consulting partner, we facilitate and improve the development of business-to-consumer relationships across different touchpoints. From awareness to engagement, purchase and service, we focus on designing and architecting the customer experience that will help our clients build purposeful and human-centered relationships, strengthening their competitive advantage.   


We guide and support our clients’ business transformation, and digital transformation as we reimagine the business in the digital age, through the lens of Salesforce clouds and solutions.  


From meaningful moments to connected experiences, we design and implement fundamental digital transformation of our clients’ relationships with their customers, powered by the Salesforce product suite. 


We leverage Salesforce technologies to build digital platforms that make your digital strategy come true, designing, developing and maintaining solutions for the internet of everywhere. 


Across the customer lifecycle, from awareness to loyalty, we run, optimize and innovate your customer engagement on the Salesforce platform. 

Our Salesforce integration solution relies on five major pillars that focus on driving business-to-consumer relationships across touchpoints that forge your differentiator.   


Marketing: Turn real-time data into personalized, meaningful moments that build lifelong relationships. Save time and spend with Marketing Automation and Intelligent Insights.  


Sales and Commerce: Grow profit with seamless, connected digital commerce experiences on Sales and Commerce platforms. Adapt fast and deliver commerce your way with Composable solutions and fulfill on any channel.  


Service: Delight customers by connecting across channels real-time and personalizing every engagement with service implementations. Automate processes and empower teams to do more with less.  


Insights: Make business smart with data from insight to action to boost your bottom line. Connect the dots, collaborate and act right in the flow of work for better business outcomes with Tableau.  


Platform and Integration: Increase efficiency, productivity, resilience and deliver intelligent customer experiences by connecting your business with a composable enterprise architecture and automate anything with Platform and Mulesoft.  

Salesforce consulting partner with an industry focus

For the Retail and Consumer Goods industry, we drive alignment with the fast-moving shopper behaviors so they can experience frictionless omnichannel relationships with your brand. We reimagine the store, build dynamic, personalized and engaging journeys, based on a well-defined customer experience strategy and architecture design.  


For the Manufacturing & Automotive industry, we drive the digitalization of the supply chain while improving operational effectiveness. We focus on the value chain to boost your competitive advantage and deliver a product and a seamless experience that fits your customer’s expectations. As a key software manufacturer for digital solutions, we provide innovative solutions in the field of connected vehicles.

For the Healthcare industry, we help care providers take patient relationships to the next level by creating highly personalized solutions to common healthcare problems that capture the kind of legal data needed to make informed decisions. We take learnings from other industries and find the appropriate ways to bring them into a healthcare setting, treating patients like customers while giving care providers the skills to improve patient outcomes. Our Salesforce solutions aren’t just for healthcare providers; we also provide important B2B-inspire solutions for companies in Pharma spaces.  


For the Public sector, we combine our deep knowledge of government regulations and the necessities of working within government contracts and budgets with our deep knowledge of the Salesforce Platform to build future-proof digital experiences and platforms that are easy for the public to use. With functionality similar to the platforms and services they use in their daily lives, our Public platforms increase use of Public services while ensuring end users get the results they need from the services they can’t live without.  

Valtech has been an instrumental and trusted partner in our Digital Transformation initiative. Valtech worked closely with DECIEM to transform our monolithic homegrown commerce solution into a modern e-commerce integrated ecosystem empowered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Valtech delivered an MVP product adhering to the agreed timelines and continued working with our teams to enhance and support the product once in production

Julio Torres
Director of Technology at Deciem


If you're looking for a Salesforce integration partner and would like to talk to our experts about the power of Salesforce in reshaping your business, get in touch with our team today, and we'd be delighted to start the conversation.

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