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Get to Know Lufthansa


Lufthansa strives to create experiences that enrich people’s lives. Since its founding in 1953 as a German airline, Lufthansa has grown into an expansive aviation group with 540 subsidiaries and associated companies worldwide, making it the largest airline operator in Europe. Their customer-centric approach contributes to their continued success, and the company turned to Valtech to ensure their multi-channel online presence supports their values and objectives.

The Goals

Lufthansa’s continuous efforts to increase efficiency and improve conversion led them to contact Valtech. They wanted excellence across all touchpoints and to create a seamless experience that begins on the homepage and continues through the booking, airport and inflight experiences and on to inspiration for future travel. This required improvement of Lufthansa’s sales and service platforms.

The Transformation

Travelers are the core of Lufthansa’s business, and so the traveler must also be the focus of their digital platforms. Lufthansa’s online transformation heavily depended on design and UX to create a seamless customer journey. In Germany, Lufthansa's online booking ranks third among top-selling internet offerings, and worldwide the site has millions of visitors annually. To maintain a competitive advantage, Valtech was brought in to further improve the site and related portals, including the booking system on, Lufthansa’s online Travel Guide and the inflight FlyNet.

Partners in Digital Innovation


The brand and corporate platforms that have resulted from our partnership are part of Lufthansa’s continuing efforts to unify the customer experience across all channels and platforms. Something crucial for success in the digital age that both Lufthansa and Valtech understand well is that brands must keep evolving and innovating, all while keeping customers and their experiences at the fore. Transformation never stops. 

Conversion, personalization, experience design: all of it is an integrated part of Lufthansa’s user-first digital strategy. The new booking flow resulted in 25% higher conversion, the sales platform seamlessly integrates a responsive and inspirational travel guide, and the user-focused digital experience continues onboard with FlyNet.

An Integrated, modular digital design system

For the Online Overall Touchpoints.

Valtech developed a modular design approach to meet the flexible requirements of a responsive content presentation. In addition, we created a presentation logic that allows automated content updates via an interface, but without losing individuality. The result is significant added value for visitors and customers of Lufthansa and an improvement of brand experience.

A Digital Flight Attendant

Flexible content with a focus on inspiring content

FlyNet is Lufthansa’s digital inflight experience offering flexible content with a focus on inspiring, destination-based content, shopping opportunities and free entertainment. FlyNet forms the visual link between inflight entertainment and, making it an important contribution to customer loyalty, exploiting cross-selling potentials and increasing the sale of HotSpot passes. Simple and user-friendly and thereby typical for Lufthansa.

The operating concept developed for Lufthansa travel guide as well as the design system with a clear 'tile structure' is convincing in terms of optics, ease of use and usability.

Christian Tillmans, Head of Sales Channel Management and Sales Management at Lufthansa

25% higher conversion

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