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The Swedish Cancer Society

Together We Can Defeat Cancer

The Swedish Cancer Society´s goal is that fewer people will be affected, and more will survive cancer. Our goal as a digital partner is to help the Swedish Cancer Society achieve that.



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Get to Know the Swedish Cancer Society


At the Swedish Cancer Society, they work towards the vision of defeating cancer through financing the best cancer research in Sweden.

By raising money, spreading awareness and funding research, they make change happen in order to reach their vision; that fewer people will get cancer and more people will survive.

Increased Traffic to the Site

The Swedish Cancer Society

Last year, the Swedish Cancer Society was able to award SEK 770 million to Swedish cancer research. This is the highest sum in the history of the Swedish Cancer Society, which began in 1951.

While setting a fundraising record, the Swedish Cancer Society also increased traffic to the site's knowledge-spreading pages by 48%, from 1.9 million visitors in 2018 to 2.8 million in 2019.

Digital Collection Focus

The Swedish Cancer Society

Digital channels are becoming increasingly important and more central to the Swedish Cancer Society fundraising efforts. The site had 22,000 registered collections at the beginning of the year 2020.

The Swedish Cancer Society partners are important players in the organization’s fundraising efforts. During the Pink Ribbon 2019, an all-time high record of SEK 94 million was raised.

The Treadmill 

Part of the Pink Ribbon campaign was the treadmill app. It encourages exercise to prevent cancer. At the same time, you can start a collection. Companies and friends can easily arrange challenges for colleagues and friends.

The treadmill also became a tool for employer branding that the Swedish Cancer Society partners greatly appreciated.



A Digital Partnership That Makes a Difference

The Swedish Cancer Society

Close cooperation

Valtech and the Swedish Cancer Society have worked together for over two years. This has led to a digital partnership that makes Valtech one of the Swedish Cancer Society´s most important players in the fight against cancer.

Today, Valtech, through its consultants, contributes research, design, development, content, SEO, analysis, strategy, project management and business transformation to the Swedish Cancer Society.

Through the close cooperation, there is a genuine understanding of the Swedish Cancer Society´s goals and challenges. With the expertise Valtech contributes, together we create the opportunity for the Swedish Cancer Society to keep meeting its goals and grow its business.

The Full Journey

Valtech is already supporting the initial strategic discussions. We are also involved in developing concepts on the strongest ideas that are tested and validated and taken all the way to realization with production setting and evaluation.

The Team

The cross-functional development team works agile with scrum and in close cooperation with the customer. It is a prerequisite for quickly entering the market with high quality solutions in an innovative and fast-moving industry.

Today, the Swedish Cancer Society has some of Sweden's most visited fact pages on various cancer diseases on their website.

The Swedish Cancer Society

As a digital development manager, you are often exposed to many consulting firms that market themselves as modern, quality-lifting and agile. As an experienced person, you notice pretty quickly if it is just a nice facade and PR strategy. Therefore, it is extra fun to work with a company that really lives up to its ambition. Here we have a secure, proactive and creative team that supports us in our digital transformation


The Technology

The Swedish Cancer Society

The technical platform is a modern server-to-client javascript app. The backend is built in Ruby on Rails and handles and sends data to the Swedish Cancer Society´s business system. The Swedish Cancer Society editors sit in a CMS called Keystone, a system the Valtech team supports for the editors. To enable clearer data-driven decisions, AB testing capabilities have been developed from server-level to the user.

We have established and maintained a number of different integrations with third parties, including Billecta, BankID, Swish, Klarna and Dibs.

As the company responsible for overall administration and infrastructure, Valtech is on call to support during the annual TV broadcast Together Against Cancer on TV4. A gala that draws large amounts of traffic to the site. In this work, a number of load tests are also carried out prior to the gala with the help of third parties to ensure accessibility during the gala evening.


The Swedish Cancer Society

Some wins we have had since the collaboration started:

  • Conversion rate optimization in the gift flows, among other things in collaboration with Klarna.

  • Development of the app Treadmill.

  • Developed new content structure for optimal User Experience and SEO and worked continuously with on-page optimization (48% increased traffic in 2019).

  • Implementation of new graphic profile.

  • Creating a new photo novel, film and illustrations.

  • Measurement, analysis and follow-up of the Cancer Foundation's most important KPIs.

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