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Like the rest of the Valtech Group we combine experience design, technology development, marketing crafts and strategy in all stages of the business lifecycle with unique services that outcompete others in quality, speed and value. We mainly work on large-scale digital transformation projects, which we have done for some of the biggest brands in Denmark, such as Arla, Trygfonden, Nykredit Mægler and Fritz Hansen.

The transformations are realized by a magic mix of nationalities, skillsets and characters - We’re over 25 nationalities from equally many different fields of expertise. From healthcare business advisory to content strategy and from fullstack development to design and PIM consultancy. And every part of our business is living and breathing the ‘think global, act local’ motto.

Our Character

Our diversity and dedication makes our Danish offices feel like a buzzing microcosmos, while at the same time embracing that Danish feeling of hygge. Of homeliness, coffee and a Danish pastry. There is a reason why we refer to working from the office as ‘working from the house’. Our historical buildings feel like home for ourselves and our clients alike. We are famous for our hospitality: hosting workshops, opening up for network meetings or facilitating inspiration sessions. Our door is always open.

How we work

We’re about transforming the way businesses work through digital. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this, our approach is establishing close collaboration and long-lasting partnerships. We use on-site teams, war rooms or a hybrid team approach. We use daily standups, scrum, Prince2; basically all industry best practices, in order to minimize risk and ensure progress according to timeline and budget.

We’re not saying that we want to be all religious about being agile, but we do feel that the principles behind it offer us the opportunity to integrate feedback loops and adapt along the way. We also feel attached to our fluid organizational structure: our teams are cross-functional and our projects interdisciplinary. This means that our clients always get access to the right person for the job.

We're renowned for our can-do, get-it-done culture. No organizational barriers, but instead a dedication to provide the right people, for the right job, delivering the best solution at the right time. 

Our Offices


Valtech Denmark is represented in the two biggest cities of Denmark.

Copenhagen office

Over 130 of our people call the historic canon boat houses in the center of Copenhagen their professional home. The building may be 200 years old, but we think it’s still an excellent fit. Have you ever seen a boat in need of squared office space with closed doors? Neither have we. And did we mention that from wherever you’re sitting, you have a view over the water?

If you're visiting us here at Holmen - you might want to know how to get here.

Aarhus office

The second largest city in Denmark ranks absolutely first in charm. Not just the city, but the Valtech office space we call home here. Located by the water, our Aarhus office is home to another 30+ digital masterminds who largely work for clients on the ‘Jyske’ side of the country.

If you're visiting us here in Aarhus- you might want to know how to get here.

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