London, Manchester

Data Architect

Our Company

By joining Valtech you will become part of a unique digital consultancy. We bring together design, data science and software engineering professionals to deliver new products for our customers across the UK.

This diverse set of capabilities means that no two projects are the same. We undertake transformative projects with a collaborative approach. We work with our customers employing Agile and Lean principles to support decision making, build understanding and ultimately deliver the right service to users.

We are passionate about delivery and curious about new innovations in digital. Our teams seek to fail fast to accelerate learning making experimentation safe. As communities we are sociable and encourage learning. We use regular internal events, meet ups and external events to engage with new ideas at all levels.

How we deliver

There are some fundamental principles to the way that we deliver. While we are pragmatic in our approach to any specific project, if you don’t share these values we are unlikely to be a good fit for you:

  • Cross-functional teams

Agile methods have always emphasised the merit of teams with all the skills necessary to delivery on user’s needs. To work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team it helps to be genuinely interested in the work of those in other roles. We value the flexibility to pick up slack across other areas of capability as well as expertise and specialization.

  • Collaboration

We find that diverse groups working together come to better solutions. In user testing this approach builds empathy in the team. In design we collaborate to test ideas and develop alternatives. As a team we work together to improve our approach.

  • Continuous learning

This applies to product development as it applies to individuals. Our projects are designed to engage with uncertainty creating opportunities to learn. We use experiments, prototypes and hypotheses to learn about user behaviour, design algorithms and select technologies. Our communities of practice provide a space for us to improve and learn from peers. While as individuals a personal training budget enables opportunity to grow and develop.

  • Outcome Focus

When driving our projects we focus on outcomes.  Knowing how a project will be deemed a success by users and customers enables creativity and innovation.


The Role

You’ll take overall responsibility on behalf of Valtech for the design and quality of data-centric solutions delivered to our customers. Our architects are quite hands-on, and you can expect to work closely with the engineering team.  You’re also likely to become a ‘go-to’ authority within the company when it comes to data solutions, keeping up to date with industry developments and using your experience to assess the risk profiles of new projects.

  • Architectural design for new systems, primarily focused on data flow pipelines, storage and analytics.
  • Analysis of business problems to understand system requirements, including quality attributes such as performance, availability and security.
  • Undertaking information assurance where required
  • Engagement of technical and non-technical customer stakeholders at various levels in the organisation, advising and managing expectations where required.
  • Technology evaluation / assessment; identifying & recommending platforms and services.
  • Technical leadership of engineering teams, including mentoring where needed.
  • Representing the company in public forums.

Skills and Experience Sought

You’ll have several years of experience, having gone through the full project lifecycle on numerous occasions; you’ve seen how design decisions play out in production.  You may have worked in traditional data warehousing environments, but you are up to speed with more contemporary data architectures based on open source technologies such as Spark.

  • Strong written, diagrammatic and spoken communication; ability to present to senior stakeholders.
  • Experience with varied types of data: tabular, connected, time-series, geospatial, image, etc.
  • Practical knowledge of:
    • Different types of database – relational; document; graph; columnar; key-value.
    • Large scale data processing platforms, typically based on Hadoop / Spark.
    • Business intelligence / analytics products or frameworks
    • Data visualisation frameworks
  • Experience working with cloud platforms and working with relevant PaaS / SaaS offerings.
  • Knowledge of data integration technologies.
  • Knowledge of distributed computing & information security
  • Programming experience in languages such as Java or Scala; familiarity with Python a bonus.
  • While you may not have an exclusively agile background, you strive to work to these principles.