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The key challenge for brands now, is to secure that the customer experiences they provide will meet the new needs and behaviors of consumers in order to retain their customers and grow business.


Changed Consumer Behavior!

With the current pandemic, it's no surprise that the new omnichannel and shopping engagement models are changing the landscape for good. Online shopping is the new norm, putting increased pressure on retailers to be innovative and to meet the consumers where they are. We are seeing high expectations for in-store experiences where social distancing has become the standard. Most of us have been working from home, which again has been instrumental in the way we as consumers interact with brands. All of a sudden, our homes are multi-functional units.

New engagement models are here to stay. Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) is a great example of a changing behavior:

Consumers report high intention to continue using models such as BOPIS (56 percent) and grocery delivery (45 percent) after the pandemic.

Retail News

Shopping, service and interactions will probably never be the same as before. Our social distance and health concerns has encouraged virtual entities to grow from assistants to companions.

These are some of the reasons why companies should prioritize their customer experience strategy to recover faster and become more resilient after the Covid19 crisis. But how?

Customer experience (CX) leaders are more resilient during recessionary periods, experiencing shallower troughs and quicker recovery.

McKinsey & Company found 3x higher returns from CX leaders.

McKinsey May 2020



Are you aligned in your touchpoints?

First thing to do is to identify, clarify, and align your touchpoints. The value of your CX is evaluated in each touchpoint.

- Do you know if your customer journeys have changed as an effect of the crisis, and if so, how?

- Are you meeting your customers in new or different touch-points?

If you can answer yes to the above, you may have implemented new and temporary solutions to react to the shifting behavior, but should these solutions stay or go. Some of those quick fixes may need to be made more permanent while others should be discontinued.

CX is a game changer that's here to stay. With an ever increasing number of options, customers are ruthlessly choosing the shop with the best experience. Now is the time to align and prioritize your CX as the key strategic metric going forward.

So, how do you align your teams and efforts and what does it mean for you and your CX?

Is it clear to you what to stop and what to amplify in your cx post corona?

We know it's complex, but you need to embrace it and take action. We are here to help you face the challenges one step at a time.

Let's break it down in a workshop

What you need is to get alignment in all your touchpoints. We give you a holistic approach and we kickstart the complexity and revitalize your customer experience.


Three step process

We offer a CX workshop comprising three components; (1) trend identification, (2) CX assessment, and (3) ideation.

The process to get up to speed, prepare the team and be ready for future changes is:

1. Activate the right people in your business 
Choose participants from your organization that spans different teams and responisibilities.

2. Workshop with Valtech (alignment and ignition / inspiration)
Online or in person, 6-8 hours ideally.

The focus in the workshop is CX and the impact COVID-19 has had/will have on your CX going forward, given the key trends we see, and what can be done to mitigate negative effects and grow your business.

We break it down to 10 areas of focus: Customer expectations, Brand promise/value consistency, Customer journeys and new touch-points, Culture, New partners, New devices/technologies, Rewarding customers, Customer service and support, Capabilities (new processes, systems), Post Covid impact to your CX.

3. Snapshot of CX potential, weak spots, and future business input 
Paired with a backlog of ideas to improve, short, medium and longer term.

Reaction from client

I would very much like to thank you for your input (...) It was great inspiration and Valtech showed once again what an impressive company it is, and the level of competence and knowledge that is contained with your employees. Thank you!


What's the cost?

The cost for a workshop is set at DKK 35,000. This include a full day workshop and everything listed in the "outcome" section below.


What you'll get

A stepping stone to align and ignite your efforts post-Covid:

  • Key trends relevant to your organization and their impact on your business and CX
  • Backlog with ideas for now, near-term and long-term
  • Alignment within the organization
  • An outside-in perspective

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