Join Valtech at D-Congress 2024

Event Date: March 07, 2024

Booth 03:09

Explore cutting-edge services, connect with industry leaders, and tackle pressing issues like the climate crisis and tech-driven innovation for a more sustainable trade future. Join us at D-Congress 2024, Sweden's top ecommerce hub. 

Innovation for impact: where progress and purpose intersect  

We are thrilled to announce that Valtech will take center stage at D-Congress 2024, proudly sponsoring the ecommerce event of the year. As a prominent force in Retail and omnichannel commerce solutions, Valtech is collaborating with commercetools to usher in the next era of ecommerce experiences. Our partnership emphasizes our commitment to empowering the future of exceptional digital interactions.  

Valtech’s recent partnership with Mars represents a groundbreaking example of composable commerce, showcasing an advanced model that enhances revenue through agility and scalability for multi-brand enterprises transitioning to D2C. 

Want to know more? Come by our booth or contact Laura Söderlind, Business Development Director

MACH and MARS: simplifying content and commerce experiences 

Mars Snacking's embrace of a fresh D2C strategy has yielded remarkable results, propelling a 20% surge in market introduction and revenue for its D2C offerings within 12 months. This achievement is evidence of the strategy's economic prowess and underscores the efficacy of composable commerce for global multi-brand enterprises. Join Casper Rasmussen and Danus Chidambaram as they delve into the LEAP accelerator, unraveling its ability to simplify the use of MACH. Explore the key elements and significant advancements that have been instrumental in propelling Mars Snacking's successful entry into the world of D2C. 


Casper Rasmussen
Group SVP Technology, Valtech
Danus Chidambaram

Let’s come together to share insights, showcase cutting-edge solutions and engage in meaningful discussions that promise to shape the commerce landscape. 
See you there!