Mobility as a Service

MaaS is the Future of Mobility

Mobility as a Service


A Digital Transformation from A to Z

There has been an obvious transformation of the mobility sector in recent times. For the automotive sector in particular, these changes are widespread, driven by changing customer behaviours and the consumer demand for connectivity, ease of purchase and new financing models. Owning a car is no longer the standard option; shared ownership and subscription models are gaining more traction and providing options that transcend the physical car, extending to services, features and functionality like electric charging, insurance and optional air-conditioning.

For car manufacturers / OEMs and dealerships, new sources of revenue are emerging from the shift from products to services; in the pursuit of total connectivity firms need to deliver on seamless integrations and streamlined sales processes. Some manufacturers now resemble software firms and in a time of shifting consumer sentiment, dealerships are exploring new ways to connect with their customers. Many are adapting their physical spaces and services to meet evolving customer needs and secure more sales both online and in person.

We’ve worked with car makers including Volkswagen, BMW, AUDI and Toyota to transform everything from online purchasing options (buying a car on your mobile & financing solutions) to electric charging solutions. We are helping them to find new ways to better integrate with smart cities and the world around them. We’ve delivered connected services platforms, new dealership experiences, purchasing solutions and unique online sale options and have helped some of the world’s best known brands to reimagine the end to end customer journey from purchase to in-car experience. In fact, our 10 year+ relationship with AUDI has led to the creation of a joint venture: Valtech Mobility.

In short, we’re designing, building and driving the future of mobility.


4 Key Reasons Mobility Clients Select Us

We have in-depth knowledge of connected car platforms

We’ve designed, developed and delivered over 50 services for 10 auto brands in 65 countries worldwide. Our work has directly impacted 9+ million connected cars and counting.

We have the skills, people and global footprint required to scale rapidly

We have a responsible and established approach that minimizes risk through a known governance structure. That enables us to deliver value quickly, and ensures the fastest speed to market.

We are leaders in the mobility industry

Over the years we have conceived and delivered new services that have established us as leaders of the pack. Innovations like integration with smart city infrastructure, online car purchasing and electric vehicle charging are just some of the ways we are advancing the sector.

We help you reconnect with your existing customer base

We are employing the power of collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams of experts comprised of User Researches, Engineers, Designers and Data Scientists to deliver unique online sales experiences, rethink the dealership experiences and transform customer experiences.

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Ready to Transform the Future of Automotive?