Purpose & Impact at Cannes Lions 2019

Purpose & Impact at Cannes Lions 2019

Purpose & Impact at Cannes Lions 2019 Purpose & Impact at Cannes Lions 2019
Digital Art Director
Robert Holm Thomsen

June 26, 2019

The annual Cannes Lions Festival is a great place to take the pulse of the digital development and maturity of companies around the globe. The use of digital tools in marketing is not new, but the biggest trend to develop is digital tools with a purpose and the idea of ​​creating real impact. 

Looking back some years ago, AR and VR were introduced as smart gimmicks to put companies on the digital map and show that they were on the digital wave looking into the future. Since then, many AR and VR tools have fallen by the wayside and the use of gimmicks appears to be behind us. However, some of the thoughts and technologies of the time continues to flourish and inspire the interactive experiences we see today, such as e-shops. They are still an important part of the future and ideas presented at Cannes Lions 2019. 
The most eye-catching cases that were shortlisted and winning cases were not concerned with infinite amounts of "views", the number of "impressions" or the amount of thoroughly drained data or downloads. Instead, the focus was on whether things actually made a difference - an "impact" - out in the real world. 
One of the highlights was "DO Black - The carbon limit credit card". When it launches in October 2019, the card will be a brilliant example of the difference a digital idea or product can make. This credit card can keep track of not only its user’s economy, but also the carbon footprint based on the user’s consumption habits. The credit card can help consumers be environmentally friendly and conscious with every purchase they make. If (when) this card becomes a widespread success, it will make a difference every single day for anyone who uses it. 

it will make a difference every single day for anyone who uses it. 

But it doesn't stop there. Such digital ideas have the potential to change the consumption patterns and product ranges we know today. Initiatives like this can change the goods that are available in supermarkets, clothing stores, etc. It can trigger initiatives, such as Climate / CO2 labelling on goods, so that consumers can buy with the environment in mind (the idea is free and up for grabs @Sallinggroup, @Coop, @Lidl, @ Rema1000). It also creates an agenda for retailers to produce locally and act responsibly to minimize their carbon footprint. 
Digital ideas and tools that do more than create publicity or viral buzz, but are made with a purpose to change and are anchored in everyday life, will have a huge impact on the future. 


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