Welcome to a new year

Welcome to a new year

Welcome to a new year Welcome to a new year

January 21, 2020

I was asked to write a short blog stating my point on what we will see of changes, trends and events during this year within digital business.

My first reaction was: “That’s easy”. I mean, I always find myself enjoying listening to and reading about what is lying ready for us in the road ahead. But when I started thinking about it some more, I couldn’t shake the feeling, that 2020 for a number of reasons is extremely hard to predict – also within the world of Digital Business.

The year of uncertainty

While rockets are flying in the middle east, interest rates are at an all-time low, trade wars raging the full effect of Brexit still to be seen, we have entered the year of uncertainty. There is NO way that anyone can be certain about what will happen in 2020. Except maybe for the creation of many 2025-plans – but that is another topic.

Companies will invest in #physidigital (or what you want to call it), bridging the gap between the physical and the digital worlds. We will see pure eCommerce pure players take even more market share – not only the self-conscious American players, but also companies coming from the far-east – a place where digital seems to be adopted with a record-breaking pace.


Thanks to a Swedish girl, we left the last decade extremely focused on everything sustainable. Every company had their marketing department working overtime to come up with a tagline that included “sustainable”. I hope, that 2020 will be the year, where we still believe in changing our lifestyle to a more sustainable one – but where we will commercially crucify companies, that call themselves or their products sustainable without any deeper meaning or reasoning. The time for cheap, unsupported marketing slogans is hopefully over.

So what can we expect in 2020? People who say they know, don’t know. The economy probably won’t break. World War 3 will not emerge from the ashes of bomb craters in a few regions. Stupid things said in Tweets will not drive long-lasting political change.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride

But we can expect to get ready for a roller coaster ride. As business people working within digital – in any kind of role - I expect 2020 to be the best year ever – only surpassed by 2021, which will be even greater. Investments in digital are going to rise. What we do will be even more business critical, and earn the interest of the CEO (if not already). We will take on new technologies, and create services, solutions and concepts that can improve people’s lives.

2020 is going to be more exciting, more challenging, more frustrating and more fun than the years before. But if you think that you’ll be the fastest pony in the race by staying 80 hours a week in the office, scrolling through your LinkedIn feed for new trends or business possibilities while finalizing that 275 slide PowerPoint for tomorrows leadership meeting: 

Go home. Unplug. Spend time on something analogue.

Creativity doesn’t come to you after 12 hours in front of your laptop. And if you need one thing in 2020, then it is creativity. Success will follow soon hereafter – and you’ll have fun along the way.

Happy New Year!

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