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  • Company: Valtech
  • Theme: Retailer Trends during and after COVID19
  • Name & Title: JC Hermann, EVP of Retail
  • Topics: Omnichannel Experiences, Digitally Onboarding Customers and Staff, eCommerce Investments, Digital as Preferred Channel, Experience Quick-Fixes, Mobile eCommerce

Adapting retail to the new reality

COVID made a huge impact on retailers, no doubt about that. But where do they go from here? Is physical retailing and our local brick & and mortar stores soon-to-be relics of the past, is it too late or is now perhaps the perfect time to step up the omnichannel efforts?
Our Retail expert shares his insights on the impact, the trends and the possibilities for retailers now and going forward. From his perspective the future is about better eCommerce, particularly mobile eCommerce, and exceptional omnichannel experiences that manages to capitalise on the benefits of physical intercations.

"Basically, the idea is that you need to put the power of CRM in the hands of the staff. And I see that coming very strongly. That's also a way to leverage that incredible experience that store staff have in the client relationship."

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