Omnichannel Engagement Through In-Flight Entertainment

Delivering new digital experiences across aviation, travel, tourism and leisure for Emirates Group Brands.

Omnichannel Engagement Through In-Flight Entertainment



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Get to Know Emirates Group Brands

The Emirates Group is a state-owned, Dubai-based international aviation holding company. The Emirates Group has a turnover of approximately $28.3USD billion and employs over 105,000 employees across all its business units and associated firms, making it one of the biggest employers in the Middle East.

Valtech has been the preferred digital agency partner for various Emirates Group Brands since 2015. Recognised as a global leader in the airline industry, Emirates strives to deliver nothing but exceptional user experiences.

Together with Valtech, the Emirates Group follows the same philosophy and has embarked on delivering new digital experiences across their aviation, travel, tourism and leisure brands. Valtech's role is to ideate, design and develop digital solutions across various business units and associated firms that fall under the Emirates Group umbrella.

Visual of the Emirates App
Visual of Emirates App


Playlists created ahead of travel


Passengers connected a year


Benchmarking Against the Competition

To assist Emirates in hosting the leading mobile airline experience, Valtech was tasked with comparing the Emirates app against other top-rated airline apps. We compared ten airline mobile apps and delivered a fully comprehensive report that benchmarked Emirates against its competitors as well as identified enhancements to elevate Emirates’ mobile app as the leading airline booking experience.

  • 10 Apps reviewed

  • 17+ Enhancements identified

  • 1 Report & roadmap for vision

Visual of Emirates App


Collaborating To Provide Optimal User Experience

Emirates partnered with Valtech to stay at the forefront of digital user experience. We provided support with user research activities in our state of the art User Testing Complex through user interviews, lab-based testing, eye tracking and focus groups which help Emirates constantly evolve and optimise their digital experiences for their users.

Through this work, Emirates now has a completely new in-flight entertainment system that offers, through an app, a connected experience unlike any they'd had before. Through this omnichannel approach, Emirates also has a new data-collection point from which to create even more personalization in the future. 

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