Getting Pumped up for Digital Transformation

Grundfos Experiences 20% Increase in Website Traffic and an Improved Customer Journey

Getting Pumped up for Digital Transformation



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Get to Know Grundfos

It all started with one water pump. That pump turned into a global, pioneering leader, producing more than 16 million pumps a year. That pioneering leader turned into a global sustainability contributor, saving electricity on a global scale with pioneering technologies. How did they get there? Persistent ambitions, a unique will to adapt and never just going with the flow (pun intended). That very DNA sent Grundfos on one of the largest and most ambitious digital transformation journeys in Danish history.

When Grundfos built their tech stack a decade ago, they were ambitious and ahead of their time. However, like a lot of proprietary legacy systems, it wasn’t built in a manner that made it ready to meet future needs and customer expectations. They had a multitude of digital touchpoints that were not aligned in terms of user experience or consistent branding. As e-commerce evolved and the needs of Grundfos’ customers changed accordingly, their platform became a massive pain point for the customers' experience. 

With a determination to provide Grundfos customers with a unified and positive experience, we collectively worked on a massive digital transformation project.

Mobile Phone Mockup on a dark background showing the CRE Product page from with a quote from Mads Nipper, Former CEO of Grundfos which reads: “It is our ambition to make the smartest and most intelligently executed digital transformation in any industrial company.”


Upgrading the Customer Journey Starts With the Customer

The path towards creating a more positive and unified customer journey, by necessity, began with understanding the needs of Grundfos’ different clients. Grundfos has four different types of customers, and each type has a specific purpose and need when they enter the site:

  • Wholesaler/Distributor: They need the site to provide the right information
    • “I need to order a batch of pumps. And I need to guide my customer to the right choice”
  • Consulting Engineer: They need the site to reduce complexity:
    • “I want help to design a solution, find drawings, specifications and help for my quotation”
  • Installer: They need help making the right choices
    • “I want to replace a product and I need installation guidance”
  • Facility Manager: Needs the site to ensure peace of mind:
    • “I need to ensure my system is running optimal and get maintenance”

The goal was to create a system that directly addressed all of the individual needs of each customer while providing a supported, personalized and tailored experience. This type of system required data to function properly.

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From Adobe to Adobe Marketing Cloud

Grundfos used the opportunity to rebuild their existing Adobe legacy platforms on a new managed Adobe Marketing Cloud, giving them access to the most updated technology.

The change to be achieved was to ensure integrations with the legacy platforms, making the solution scale, and achieving better customer experience by eliminating the previous experience gaps. This also entailed consolidating all data in the same CMS by heavily integrating all platforms, allowing master data to be controlled by each of the originating platforms. This enabled content to be recycled more easily and repurposed with true personalization throughout the ecosystem across all touchpoints.

The updated and hyper customized new digital architecture has paved the way for a multitude of new, more intelligent and automated processes and ways of working for Grundfos, such as: 

  • A new Marketing Automation setup that supports both customers and Grundfos’ sales. Now, when a customer is looking at a product, Adobe Analytics pushes the behavioral data to Campaign Standard, informing the automation platform and triggering an automated reaction to support further recommended actions.
  • A new bespoke PIM implementation has replaced the repetitive tasks of maintaining and creating the product pages, providing a higher quality and lower costs. 
  • An improved editor experience, that has enabled Grundfos to scale the digital experience, despite differing capabilities and skills across the globe. Editors now enjoy a more user friendly and seamless cooperation including automated translations, while Grundfos maintains control of the quality using Siteimprove. With this setup, Grundfos can now leverage their vast variety of content around the globe, without compromising the quality or adding additional costs.
Mobile and tablet mockups of the Grundfos home page on a dark gray background with results stats: 65 websites globally, 20% increase in website traffic, 131% increase in acceptance rate



Valtech and Grundfos have successfully rolled out 65 websites globally and increased global website traffic to the new by 20%. Whereas the previous customer experience often hindered a smooth transition between platforms and systems, the new setup has not only increased the number of successfully completed customer journeys, but actually exceeded the goal set for 2020 by 41%.

Improving the customer journey is very important, and shows how the project hit important KPIs early on, but increasing orders is also crucial to success. Because marketing automation setup has been used to automate the process of following up on open/unfinished quotes, Grundfos has seen an astonishing 131% increase in their acceptance rate. Furthermore, their email open rate has grown from 16.4% in 2017 to 25.38% in 2020, accompanied by an increase in CTR from 2.3% – 3.93%. 

With the silos gone and a new agile way of working, there are no limitations to the future. The new architecture has enabled the entire Grundfos organization to work across organizational lines and technical setups, and with the infrastructure in place they now have a website that has enabled growth and will continue to do so.

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