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The Meteoric Rise of MACH

Commerce Manager

June 02, 2020

In a time when companies need to be able to pivot quickly, MACH technologies are becoming the go-to options for building scalable solutions.

The ability to decouple the front-end customer experience from the complexities of the back end offers a mass of opportunities for businesses of all sizes and levels of technical maturity. Here are three sets of trends (and examples) that make the shift towards modern architecture principles interesting for brands today.

As a decision maker, no one is going to fire you for considering the more monolithic and traditional platforms. On the other hand, if you’re a challenger, it stops making sense to use only what your competition is using.

High Ambitions on Customer Experience

The customer experience domain is constantly evolving in line with shifting customer expectations, and that means we need to be really fast when it comes to delivering new solutions and experiences. Over the last few years, we have seen an explosion in the number of touchpoints used by the end-customers, and we know they demand a seamless experience at every single point of their journey. When there are so many competitors waiting to grab your customers, how do you make sure you’re giving them exactly what they need first time around?

If you can’t use the benefits of a MACH-inspired solution, then you just get the drawbacks of complexity

In situations where we need to be quicker at bringing new features to the market, the ability to decouple front and back-end systems is a big success factor. This is where the core principles of micro-services and headless technologies comes to the fore.


Valtech helped TUI Nordic to accelerate both developer and editor productivity by implementing a speed-oriented architecture. TUI now delivers new features and functionality to their customers six times faster than before. 

Tech Trends That Elevate the Business

There are a few tech trends that seem to have caught our clients’ attention more than others:

The general shift from on-premise to cloud and SaaS as well as a growing demand for cloud-native enterprise software is something we have noticed in particular. Our clients understand that there’s much more you can do with cloud than just hosting or storage: auto-scaling, serverless, resources on demand, extensive calculations—the list goes on.

Another trend is the shift towards more de-coupled architectures. We get many questions from clients on how they can make their systems less tightly integrated and experience the same benefits as experienced by TUI Nordic.


Scandic Hotels is another client who have successfully implemented an architecture inspired by MACH. Scandic had ambitions to become best-in-class in the digital customer experience space. We helped them design and implement an API-first architecture that supported their existing touchpoints but would also support any future channels with the same data.

And of course, as we see more and more connected things, the number of conversations about how our clients can best include and benefit from IoT and combinations of digital and physical solutions to their business has increased a lot over the last two years. We developed our own connected Valtech Store four years ago, which has been the start of many innovations for our clients. Read more about our connected experiences offering in our Valtech Mag.

Ambitions to Modernise and Digitise the Organisation With MACH Technology

Data-driven digital solutions are now at the core of many modern organisations, across all departments. Clients know that they need to be able to interpret and act on the data that’s becoming available to them within their organisation; gaining insights to deepen the customer relationship.

In order to get the most out of MACH-inspired solutions, technology and data need to be the priority for the organisation, and a successful implementation requires just as much organisational change as technology change. Senior management need to be aware that such an initiative is the start of a journey that will require new ways of working and an organisational shift. But successfully implemented, the results can be totally transformative.


Cabonline has blocked Uber’s penetration in the Nordics by offering enterprise clients a B2B solution

By iteratively rebuilding Cabonline’s existing technical infrastructure from the 80’s, we transformed a monolith into a modern state-of-the-art microservice based solution. By reviving and uniting the business and technology functions, we were able to deliver a solution that kept the world’s biggest taxi company out of the market.

Read the full story of Cabonline’s transformation from a taxi-company into a fully operational tech-company with the help of microservices.

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