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The Right to Experience Equality

Sheree Atcheson
Group VP, Diversity & Inclusion

February 17, 2022

When I first graduated with my computer science degree, I was keenly aware of the lack of women in the technology industry. As a woman of colour, most people in the room were either white, a man, or both, and when I started to travel to offices outside of my main base in Belfast, many of my colleagues came from a seemingly affluent background, which I didn’t have.

Today, technology dominates our lives. The decisions being made about how it should work and who should have access are increasingly vital — both for us as consumers and as citizens.

Within Valtech, we spend much of our time thinking about how brands can use technology to make their digital experiences more engaging, enjoyable and effective. But there is another side to this role, one that I believe experience professionals have a responsibility to address.

I’m talking about Experience Equality — the role of CX professionals to ensure that great experiences are available to everyone. As professionals on the front line of how experiences are crafted and how customer journeys are built, it’s vital that we consider those users who don’t look or sound like the people writing the code — those who aren’t represented in those rooms right now.

In 2022, this role is more important than ever. With 70 percent of organisations undergoing a digital transformation, CX spending on the rise, and experience teams increasingly valued by the board, now is the time to push for equality and diversity within our experiences.

It’s for that reason that we’re launching this blog series. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at various elements of Experience Equality, from digital accessibility to coded biases, gender diversity to cultural representation. I believe that these issues are the key to brands reaching new customers, exploring more diverse ideas, building more effective teams, and ultimately developing a more accurate understanding of digital experiences.

Whether you’re a digital business, a retailer, or even work in public sector services, this series will help you navigate the world of Experience Equality and ensure that your experience transformation efforts will leave nobody behind.

When it comes to fostering innovation we believe a big part of that comes from our continuous commitment to attract the strongest talents into our diverse culture. If you’re interested in joining our team visit our careers page here.

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