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Valtech Awarded a Place on Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS 5)

January 20, 2021

Valtech are proud to have been on the UK Government’s DOS framework since its origin in 2016. And now, Valtech have been awarded a place on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS5) framework.

With our ever-expanding public service offering, DOS5 makes it easier than ever for government buyers to access our range of services. An early advocate of agile methods in the Public Sector, Valtech continue to pioneer new and efficient methods. Having worked with the Government Digital Service (GDS) since 2013, we help government departments meet the Digital Service standard, and are actively involved in its continued improvement.

We continually point our customers within the private sector to the way in which the UK Government procures and delivers digital programmes. We think many companies in the private sector could procure better outcomes by adapting some of the good practices being used across the UK Public Sector. 

Our current services are available on DOS5 under Lot 1: Digital Outcomes, Lot 2: Digital Specialists and Lot 4: User Research Participants.

Lot 1: Digital Outcomes: for suppliers who can provide teams to build and support a digital service

Lot 2: Digital Specialists: for suppliers who can provide individual specialists to work on a service, programme or project

Lot 4: User Research Participants: for suppliers who are able to recruit participants with a range of experience and User Research Participants who best reflect the users of a service

We continue to support the DOS Framework by delivering quality outcomes and services for our customers across the Public Sector.  As online services have become vital to the nation during the pandemic, we are proud to be building better experiences for those that need access, more so than ever, to the Government’s services.

Ross Nichol, UK Sales Director, Valtech

The benefits of being on Digital Outcomes and Specialists

The aim of the Digital Marketplace is to make the commissioning process simpler, clearer and faster. Buying and selling through the DOS framework:

  • reduces the time and cost traditionally associated with procurement
  • allows buyers and suppliers to talk to each other to decide if there is a good fit
  • gives more suppliers the opportunity to support digital transformation across the whole of the Public Sector

You can find out more about DOS and buying services on the Digital Marketplace

You can read more about our Public Sector Case Studies here.


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