Why PXM is Critical for eCommerce Success

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What to expect

How PXM Enables MonkeySports to Grow their Footprint in the Retail Space 

The transition from the traditional brick-and-mortar to the e-commerce store, and increasingly demanding customer expectations, urge brands to adapt to the new normal quickly or be left behind. Like many other startups, MonkeySports, a US hockey equipment store, saw an excellent opportunity to expand their business into the e-commerce world. Soon after, they realized they were no longer connecting with their customers like they had once done. 

In today’s 30-minute podcast, we sit down with Ki Song, Director of E-commerce at MonkeySports, to discuss the advantages and opportunities of implementing a PXM (product experience management) strategy to deliver winning product experiences to customers and build customer loyalty. From seamless data modeling to offering omnichannel customer experiences, PXM helped MonkeySports bring real value to their customers; it ultimately helped them become the largest hockey retailer in the world. Listen to learn more. 



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