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“The world is changing. Consumer expectations are evolving faster than ever. Whilst it’s true that consumers have been forcing brands to create truly personalized experiences for some time, the speed at which this needs to happen has accelerated.

Brands that invest in their digital transformation now are setting themselves up for sustainable success by creating the necessary processes, conditions, and environment to prepare for unanticipated market changes.

Sitecore and Valtech have built a strong partnership, enabling organizations to orchestrate seamless experiences around the customer, rethink the customer journey and implement fully connected solutions to meet customers where they are.”

— Paige O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Sitecore and Todd Harris, Senior Vice President for Strategic Alliances at Valtech.


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Be strong and act

Act, adapt, and emerge stronger

Successful brands have always known how to adapt their models to changing environments. Thanks to advances in new digital technologies and spurred on by the recent shift in customer behaviors and expectations, there are a myriad of options now open to businesses.

Follow these steps and your business will Emerge Stronger than ever.

Be strong and act

The priority during any crisis is stabilizing operations and protecting your employees. It is also the time to be creative with your customer connections, and to adapt — your brand, products, channels, messages, tools, and infrastructure — to the changing circumstances. It’s crucial to give customers what they need now and what they This is an opportunity to be “one less thing to think about”, as well as a source of comfort and positivity. Any positive interaction your brand has with a customer in times of change will be more appreciated — and therefore memorable — than an interaction in less challenging times.

When things look like they are starting to recover, you will start to see which customer behaviors and preferences are going to stick. For example, B2B customers might continue to value using mobile apps to order from suppliers, and sales teams might not want to give up the time and cost savings associated with video calling.

Now is the time to focus on:

  • Ensuring that former customers who might have tried alternative brands — due to convenience, supply issues, altered needs, etc. — return to your brand
  • Retaining new customers who have switched to digital channels for entertainment, sports, food deliveries, fitness — for example older people doing online shopping, families using online educational tools, businesses conducting video meetings — rather than letting them go back to their old habits

The stakes are higher than ever before, but the technology is also smarter. All the hurdles that businesses face – building new channels, experiences, and markets – can be overcome, but it is critical that the right decisions and partnerships are made now.

This is where Valtech and Sitecore come in. With more than 15 years creating connected digital experiences on over 3,000 projects, they help complex businesses create flexible, scalable structures where new digital strategies can be created quickly and in a controlled way.

They understand each other. And they understand your business.

Where are you now?

In challenging times, the first step is to find some solid ground. Look at where you are, what you have to offer, and what you can build on.


Review your marketing strategies and processes

  • Are you using the most appropriate channels?
  • Are your messages hitting the right tone?
  • Are you keeping customers updated with informed, consistent messaging about your business, e.g. online hours, shipping costs/times, charity/community work and possible delays?
  • Are you sending messages at the right time, taking into account that people are working more flexible hours and might be juggling other personal responsibilities at the same time

These are the types of questions that you need to be asking.

What do they need?

Both types of customers need online content that entertains and alleviates stress. Businesses that have adapted and thrived

in recent times include supermarkets broadening their delivery services, gyms shifting their workouts online, and museums offering virtual tours. Just like everyone else, your business needs to adapt to changing expectations and regulations as they arise.

Connected experiences

Wherever you are today, there are two things you need to deliver: Connected experiences and Personalization.


What are connected experiences and how do you create them?

What are connected experiences and how do you create them?

  • To consumers, connected experiences are frictionless, emotional, and satisfying

  • To businesses, connected experiences are channel agnostic, and seamless


You need to look at the problem from both sides.

Sitecore and Valtech are experts at creating connected experiences.

Together, we:

  • Share a set of rock-solid values and a harmonious, forward-looking philosophy

  • Work collaboratively to transform customer experiences across the entire customer journey

  • Marry market-leading technical capabilities with the kind of vision necessary to weather any storm

  • Provide fast response, accelerated delivery and a trusted partnership at a time when speed and reliability are crucial


Digital Car Purchase

Imagine buying a car — from choosing the right financing to selecting the specifications, right through to signing on the dotted line, and hearing the car pull up in your driveway – entirely online.


Not visiting a dealership, or having any physical interaction with a car might have been the preference of only a very small segment of the consumer base not long ago, but in today’s market it could become the norm.


Valtech has created a sales channel that uses personalized data to allow customers to create and approve a car purchase application online, supported by a dealer, shifting the entire car-buying process online.


Digital Transformation

Sitecore considers continuous personalization its built-in superpower, orchestrating content, commerce, data, and operations into insights that deliver the best possible digital experiences.


More than 5,200 brands — including American Express, ASOS, Carnival Cruise Lines, Kimberly- Clark, L’Oréal, and Volvo — across 50 countries trust Sitecore to deliver the personalized interactions that drive revenue, delight audiences, and build loyalty.


In 2019, it was time for Sitecore to do the same for its own digital presence. In collaboration with Valtech, Sitecore embarked upon an extensive website mapping and analysis process. It used real-life customer journeys and input from customers, the Sitecore community, partners, and internal stakeholders to build a detailed picture of why and how the website is used, where users go, and what they want.

Personalization with agility

We are witnessing the evolution of personalization to individualization.

New technologies such as AI and machine learning allow for greater agility, but with every new development, there is a risk of bad personalization. It’s a tightrope

that businesses have to balance in order not to deliver irrelevant content and alienate customers.

People experience reality very differently during a crisis, depending on many factors: where they are located,whether they still have a job or have been furloughed, whether they are frontline essential workers, have experienced loss or ill health, or are home schooling while working.

It has never been more necessary to segment an audience into groups for maximum relevance.

The difference between survival
and evolution


Valtech is looking at using the data from RFID tagging for sharper inventory tasks — there are already robotics that travel around an entire store and perform RFID inventory checks with greater than 95% accuracy.

Valtech is also pulling in data from social feeds and using trend APIs to gain insight into what customers want this week. We use machine learning to unearth historical point of sale (POS) and ecommerce data to reveal the most popular purchase combinations. These APIs and MACH technologies can be fed into systems that allow customers to navigate the physical store in a novel way on a daily basis – for example, flexible features that move around the store based on machine learning recommendations, and 3D renderings of store plans that allow for data-driven decisions.

... and prototype

Whilst innovation is important during challenging times, so is caution, and this is where ideation and prototyping are useful. Valtech runs co- creation ideation sessions with clients to prove digital experiences and technology with smaller prototyping (a couple of days to a week) and proof of concepts (a couple of weeks to a month). Valtech also has an internal innovation program exploring everything from the dynamic store concept to VR/AR/MR and social commerce, and from voice interfaces to IoT and AI personalization.

These give businesses insight into whether innovative ideas work before they can be scaled at a later date or when the time is right.


L’Oréal’s Digital Landscape

It doesn’t get much more complex than refining the digital brands of the biggest cosmetics company in the world. L’Oréal has 3,000 websites, incorporating 15 brands (e.g. Garnier, Maybelline New York, African Beauty Brand, and China’s Magic Mask) across 60 country subsidiaries, reaching 1 billion online consumers daily.


The beauty giant wanted to quickly and cost-effectively deploy globally scalable solutions that would allow its brands to offer unique experiences to country subsidiaries and consumers.


L’Oréal chose Sitecore to provide the digital marketing platform and Valtech as its digital transformation partner. Sitecore was the only platform offering both rich personalization capabilities and speed of deployment for global scale.


Innovate it’s streaming services

Valtech is helping Hulu to innovate it’s streaming services to meet the sharply growing demand. It’s also ideating and prototyping technology solutions with Disney and Universal Studios that allow for more efficient and healthy use of space. Research shows that people have been hesitant to use public touch screens in stores, theme parks, museums and restaurants for quite some time.


This trend will be exponentially magnified in today’s new world. For a large cosmetic company, Valtech has already begun shifting touch interfaces to new technologies that enable Voice UI, gesture control and the use of personal device to interact with a public screen.

A brighter future:

Building new channels and markets

Most businesses are facing the greatest challenge in their history, as they deal with new and rapidly changing market realities. They will need the ability to respond swiftly by building new channels, experiences, and market opportunities, often on short notice.

Multi-brand, multi-country and multi-channel businesses will face the greatest challenge — if they lack the skills and solutions to adapt.

A bright future - Building new channels and markets

Sitecore's top part of their logo

Valtech and Sitecore:

A global partnership to take you beyond NOW

When things are tough, it might be tempting to play it safe and hold tight to what you already have. This would be a mistake. Now is the time to create building blocks to a stronger future. After all, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

Your business and customers won’t be in the current phase forever – you must ensure that any strategies you implement now will continue to deliver benefits further down the line.

Together, Sitecore and Valtech have the insights, skills, and proven capabilities to help businesses meet the opportunities that will emerge in the coming months, and years. Now is not the time to go it alone. With Sitecore and Valtech you don’t have to. We are a trusted dual force in treading new pathways and reaching new ground in a very short time frame.

In building connected futures. Connected ideas. Connected capabilities. Connected experiences.

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