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To support DVLA with their ambitions, Valtech helped to deliver two GDS exemplar projects; Vehicle Management  (buying and selling vehicles for trade and private users) and Personalised Registration programme (for retaining and assigning personalised registrations).

The DVLA has always been at the forefront of digital innovation within Government and I think the reason for that is because we are very much focused on our users… Having that supplier relationship that we had with Valtech really did support us in our aspirations and our goals for that project. 

- Rohan Gye, Service Manager, DVLA

Up-skilling staff members


Early on in the project we discussed the need and appetite for investment in enablement and by following the GDS Service Design Manual, we were able to successfully address real user needs related to assisted digital and the use of non-digital channels.

By co-locating with the DVLA at their offices in Swansea we were able to help to up-skill the DVLA staff members who eventually took ownership of the whole project. The Valtech team maintained the live service for 18 months during which time the DVLA team received support in adoption and technology enablement in preparation for handover. As time has passed, those same DVLA staff have since gone on to work on other digital projects for the DVLA which has been to the benefit of the wider organisation.



Through the DVLA’s partnership with Valtech, together we have been able to deliver really transformational results.

For the Vehicle Management service we have reduced transaction times from 10 days to 3 minutes and for Personalised Registration it’s gone from 4 weeks to 3 minutes.

The user feedback has been absolutely fantastic, it’s something that they’ve been asking of DVLA for a number of years… for the Personalised Registrations service we saw an immediate digital take up of 50-60% within the first few weeks which far exceeded our expectations. Since then as we’ve iterated and developed the service we’ve actually grown that digital take up to approaching 90%.

- Rohan Gye, Service Manager, DVLA.

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