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Revolutionary technology innovations and a shift towards a consumer-centric era, the “economy of experience,” have created unprecedented disruptions for companies as they embrace the digital age to drive business transformation. We believe that the most significant challenge companies face today is the constant state of change in this new economy of experience.

Valtech supports the transformation of our clients by consulting, coaching and training. Our services in the area of Transformation Consulting include creating new business models, tangible and actionable strategies, innovation, coaching of leadership and organizations and training of software development practices. The challenges our clients encounter often demand radical changes. Therefore, business transformation frequently requires a paradigm shift – in leadership mindset and company culture. Valtech guides its clients by this new breed of consulting, blending business with agile expertise, design thinking and data insights.

In the era of the economy of experience, user-centricity has become a success factor. Valtech helps align business models and brands with the (ever-changing) customer needs, behaviours to adapt and innovate them continuously. Instead of launching products that are heavily based on hypothesis, Valtech redesigns your organization to adopt better practices enabling you to develop the insights gained from prototyping and analytics. Instead of scaling agile, we add value by descaling your organization to maximize adaptability.

Valtech assists with all aspects of our client transformations using a systemic and solution-focused mindset. We don't make sideline recommendations, Valtech is with you on the playing field. We call this “transform by doing.”

Meet The Challenges Of Today's Digital Economy

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Meet The Challenges Of Today's Digital Economy