PFA Pension partners with Valtech for Adobe AEM and Forms implementation

26 junio, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that PFA Pension, one of Denmark’s largest pension and insurance companies, has chosen Valtech as its partner to implement Adobe AEM and Adobe Forms. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in PFA’s ambitious roadmap to enhance its digital capabilities and provide superior services to its approximately 1.3 million customers.  

A strategic partnership

Valtech’s selection as PFA’s implementation partner underscores our extensive expertise in Adobe Digital Experience Platforms (DXP). As a Global Platinum Adobe Partner, we bring a wealth of experience and proven methodologies to ensure the successful deployment of Adobe AEM and Forms, tailored to meet PFA’s unique needs.  


Driving digital transformation

PFA Pension is set to centralize its content and forms management across multiple user touchpoints using Adobe AEM and Forms. This strategy will streamline their digital ecosystem, allowing for consistent and efficient content delivery and form processing across various applications and platforms. By integrating Adobe AEM Sites and Forms, PFA will be able to manage and deploy content seamlessly in a headless setup. Additionally, the future utilization of AEM to drive headful solutions will ensure a cohesive digital experience across all touchpoints.

The scope of the partnership extends beyond the initial implementation. Valtech will provide holistic consultancy services, ensuring that PFA can continuously expand and optimize the use of Adobe AEM Sites and Forms across various digital touchpoints.  

Leadership and expertise

We are proud to have Matthias Wermund, Valtech’s Adobe Rockstar and winner of the Global Adobe Rockstar 2021 title, celebrated by Adobe as AEM Rockstar 2021 and AEM Champion 2022-2024, leading our team. Matthias is ensuring that our delivery follows best practices and utilizes the latest releases from Adobe. His expertise and recognition within the Adobe community guarantee that PFA will benefit from cutting-edge solutions and innovative approaches in their digital transformation journey.  

Benefits for PFA

Customized Digital Experiences: With our deep sector knowledge, Valtech will help PFA create personalized digital experiences tailored to their customers' needs, using Adobe Experience solutions to deliver custom content and services.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Our implementation will empower PFA to refine its digital channels, significantly boosting customer engagement and satisfaction through personalized recommendations and interactive tools.

Streamlined Operations: The integration of Adobe AEM and Forms will optimize PFA’s internal workflows, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs through automation and digitization.

Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging Adobe’s analytics capabilities, PFA will gain critical insights into customer behavior and market trends, enabling data-driven decision-making to foster growth.

Competitive Advantage: Partnering with Valtech and utilizing Adobe’s advanced tools will position PFA at the forefront of the market, offering unparalleled digital experiences to attract and retain customers.

A commitment to excellence

At Valtech, we are excited about the opportunity to support PFA in creating flagship digital solutions. Our collaborative approach, combined with our technical prowess and strategic insights, will ensure that PFA achieves its vision of a sustainable and flexible digital ecosystem. Together, we aim to set new standards in the pension and insurance industry, driving innovation and customer satisfaction.

We look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with PFA Pension and are committed to delivering exceptional results through our partnership.

For more information, please contact:  
Anders Clausen
Engagement Director, Account Direction, Valtech Nordics


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