Valtech appoints Suzanne Schroder as its first Chief Collaboration Officer

22 agosto, 2023

22nd August 2023 – Valtech, a global leader in digital services and business transformation, today announces the appointment of its first Chief Collaboration Officer (CCO), Suzanne Schroder. In this newly created c-level role, Suzanne will support and maintain Valtech’s legacy as a very collaborative and people-oriented agency, helping to lay the foundation for the agency’s future growth.

Suzanne Schroder, CCO, Valtech

Within today’s transient business landscape, driving employee engagement is an important matter. Employee engagement fuels team engagement, which welcomes significant gains for both the organization and the businesses it works with. Therefore, to succeed in a challenging market, businesses must protect team engagement, ensuring they act and operate as one.

This is where a Chief Collaboration Officer comes in. Employee engagement is driven from the top. It’s critical for leaders to provide the right tools and resources to support employees and connect their work to organizational success.

As Valtech’s first CCO, Suzanne will play a pivotal role in facilitating trust and collaboration, both internally and externally. Bringing collaboration into the c-suite will enable the agency to operate in a way that keeps pace with the economic and societal challenges facing today’s businesses, all while addressing the business transformation challenges of world-leading brands.

Suzanne joined Valtech over 27 years ago, managing business units at a regional and global level. Having led hugely successful international transformation programs at scale, Suzanne will continue to accelerate and strengthen cross-border collaboration. She will work to elevate Valtech’s strategic approach to collaboration, so it’s seamlessly embedded in ways of working and thinking. This will entail working closely with Valtech’s Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability, Internal Communications and Learning and Development teams to nurture a culture that enables a collaborative approach, where people with different perspectives, cultures and expertise can work together on projects to achieve the best outcomes for clients.

“The pandemic accelerated significant societal change: the rise of hybrid working and a redefinition of the relationship between our home and work lives,” said Suzanne Schroder, CCO at Valtech. “As trends like ‘quiet quitting’ take hold, the pressure is on for businesses to make sure every individual employee, from the top down, feels a sense of belonging and proud to come to work every day. It’s my goal to make sure that Valtech continues to engage employees and make them feel connected across teams. I’ll put the guiderails in place to protect this, troubleshoot any frictions, and critically evaluate our approach to collaboration on an ongoing basis to remain accountable. Not only will this allow us to continue delivering great results for clients and retain talent, but it’ll also empower our people through meaningful work.”

“We’re already a company where collaboration forged on trust and respect is at the essence of our culture and the change we want to make in the business transformation space,” added Olivier Padiou, CEO, Valtech. “But by creating the CCO role, it’s now all about how we prioritise and enhance collaboration amongst our global workforce and with our clients to propel the business and our industry forwards. Culture and collaboration is tough to teach, but with 27 years of working for Valtech under her belt, Suzanne is the perfect person to uphold and share these values with our team as it grows internationally.”

Suzanne will report to Olivier Padiou, Valtech’s CEO.


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