How customer expectations are impacting car brands


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What to expect

How subscription services, EVs and customer expectations are impacting car brands 

Over the past few years, we've explored everything from subscription services to tech integration, connected cars to smart cities and beyond. The pace of change in this sector is exhilarating, giving us a unique opportunity to reassess the automotive industry's primary drivers and how legacy brands navigate brand challenges in the face of evolving customer expectations.  

Today’s 30-minute podcast explores the transformative trends, innovative business models and emerging opportunities reshaping the automotive industry.

We'll hear insights from
Denny Pezic, Global Vertical Lead for mobility, Matt Redman, SVP Strategy Europe at Valtech and David DeCheser, Chief Creative Officer North America at Valtech, in a deep dive into the impact of subscription services and tech integration on customer-brand interactions in the context of electric vehicles. Join us on this insightful journey as we discuss navigating the challenges faced by legacy brands and new entrants in the automotive industry, all while striving to provide customers with the experiences they crave in an ever-changing landscape. 


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