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How the SAP Commerce Cloud Can Benefit You (and how Valtech will help you get there)

septembre 15, 2020

There are several obvious advantages that come with a holistic cloud-powered e-commerce solution from a business standpoint – and we’ll get to those. However, the real and most tangible benefits can only be fully unlocked with one additional key factor: a technology partner that not only is capable of building and optimizing an already up-and-running environment, but knows the importance of carefully designing and executing a migration plan to get existing SAP Commerce/Hybris solutions up into the clouds.

Benefits of running your business from the SAP Commerce Cloud

It all boils down to flexibility, scalability and simplicity.

Large clouds offer access to extremely powerful data centers and networks, can be expanded relatively easy with additional resources and, most importantly, failure of hardware does not lead to an automatic catastrophic data loss, making a cloud solution the most flexible and reliable option.

When it comes to scalability and cost effectiveness, a cloud hosted infrastructure offers more advantages. The cloud offers the opportunity to scale, upwards or downwards, on short notice and frees the customer from having to operate his own physical data center.

At last: simplicity. Freely available documentation, standardization and a Self-Service Portal offer a level of ease-of-use that is simply not attainable for traditional on-premise-solutions.

Your most important migration project, yet

When tackling a cloud migration project, it has proven successful to divide it into different phases. Those being ‘Discovery’, ‘Build & Develop’, ‘Test’ and ‘Deploy’. As the names speak a lot to what will be actually worked on during the phases, each project is different and needs to be looked at from a fresh perspective.

Besides Valtech as implementation partner, SAP as the cloud provider is also directly involved in such projects, ensuring the prerequisites for a successful operation of the final application within the SAP Commerce Cloud. This involvement ensures the best possible outcome by combining the know-how and skill set of all parties.

This article is derived from the SAP Commerce Cloud Migration whitepaper – an in-depth look at how Valtech structures, plans and executes a migration into the Commerce Cloud. The SAP Commerce Cloud Migration whitepaper goes into detail about our best practices, our project approach and explains to the reader all the ‘SAP quality gates’ that will be walked through during each migration.


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