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An Awareness Campaign that Builds Legends

Elevating customer satisfaction at Mack Masters



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Get to know Mack Trucks

Mack Trucks

Mack Trucks is an American-truck OEM founded in 1900. With a global presence in almost 30 countries, they offer sales and services to their customers worldwide. As a subsidiary of the Volvo Group, Mack Trucks has established itself as one of North America's largest OEMs of medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, proprietary engines and transmissions. Their commitment to providing high-quality products and services has earned them a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the trucking industry. 


Mack Masters is a global training event that serves as a platform to educate, honor and foster collaboration among dealership aftermarket professionals, all with the shared objective of enhancing customer satisfaction. With representation from 22 countries, including North America, Latin America and Australia, the event tests participants' knowledge of Mack systems and procedures. It challenges them to solve intricate problems across all aspects of the service experience. When Mack Trucks sought to breathe life into their competition and infuse it with a comic book theme, they turned to Valtech to bring their ambitious vision to life.  

Reigniting the road to success

Mack Trucks

Having been engaged for a second year in a row to develop Mack Masters’ thematic elements, we were no strangers to this prestigious project. The goal was to use contemporary comic book concepts to drive engagement and increase registrations. Our team was composed of passionate individuals excited to take on the challenge. They envisioned creating vivid panels, enthralling pages, and an unmistakable tone that would resonate with all participants. 


We were not only commissioned to conceptualize and execute the creative aspects of the Mack Masters experience but also to shape a captivating look, immersive feel and compelling narrative. Our primary objective was to increase awareness among potential participants and create a lasting impact that would be remembered for years to come. This involved a thorough understanding of the brand's values and culture, as well as a deep dive into the target audience's preferences and behaviors. 

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Engage your audience through the power of storytelling

Mack Trucks

To bring our theme to life, we developed a brochure that conveyed the competition details and served as a genuine comic book. This unique approach allowed us to narrate a captivating story about the event while providing all the necessary information for interested professionals to register and compete. We worked closely with the client and experienced comic book professionals to balance industry accuracy and creative exploration.  


To broaden awareness and engage a wider audience, we produced a series of videos that seamlessly merged live-action footage with the comic book renderings of each team member. We presented the backgrounds and journeys of each Mack character through individual videos. This appealed to a diverse range of potential contestants and inspired them to start their own legendary quests. The videos were easy to navigate and complemented the comic book brochure. This encouraged visitors to learn more about Mack Masters and participate in the competition. 


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Mack Trucks

The concept generated an incredible level of excitement, resulting in the Mack Masters event being the most successful to date in terms of registrations and turnout. Not only were the brand and participants delighted with the outcome, but the program materials became highly sought-after keepsakes within the industry. Valtech's innovative approach breathed new life into the competition and left a lasting impression on everyone who experienced it. By intertwining the worlds of comic books and Mack Trucks, we transformed a traditional event into an immersive journey where legends were born. 


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