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Creating Countless Opportunities with Two New Apps

Mazars Proves Financial Services Companies Can’t Ignore Digital



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Get to Know Mazars


Founded in Europe in 1945, Mazars is an accountancy, tax advice and consultancy specialist. Mazars in the Netherlands forms part of the Mazars Group which has 40,000 professionals serving global clients.

The accountancy used to have a somewhat conservative approach to the market and their operation. However, change is necessary, and it became clear that the customers’ needs should come before traditional processes. They embarked on a digital transformation with an interest in leveraging digital to focus on a strong customer experience. Because of decisive IT leadership, Mazars was able to transform into a “digital first” organization with a focus on customer experience, within months. By implementing the Mazars Signals and Mazars InControl applications, they have managed to fully digitize multiple core processes of Mazars: tax services, audit and compliance.

Mazars Signals Platform

Mazars Signals turned a previously complex administrative process into something very simple and easy. Accountants and clients of Mazars can comply with their tax obligations in a one-click operation using either a mobile or a web application. Signals enables clients to have insight into their files and submit these directly to the tax authorities, creating an increase in customer intimacy.


inControl aims to make global compliance easy by helping CFOs of global organizations monitor and enhance their compliance processes and to collaborate with their local accounting partners. Accessible via web or mobile app, it provides transparency of the entire compliance process and the ability to assess performance of internal and external teams against defined KPIs.

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Simple, but Not Easy


Signals and inControl are custom applications leveraging Microsoft Azure for scalability and modern application development technologies. The complexity of the solution comes largely from the numerous extensive integrations that are involved, for instance the existing Mazars IT infrastructure, many different back-office applications for tax services and CRM to ensure customer centricity, to name a few.

The service-oriented architecture allowed the team to focus on the customer experience while rapidly integrating with external applications. This minimized spending time on areas not driving competitive differences, like creating a user friendly and simple interface that helps clients in their daily operation.

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Mazars will process over 50,000 tax returns annually, in The Netherlands alone, using the Mazars Signals web portal or the native app. Mazars Signals has been successful in The Netherlands and is currently being rolled out across Europe.

inControl is used by more than 60 large multi-nationals to monitor their compliance processes around the globe. More than 20,000 compliance processes are created, monitored and completed within the platform on a yearly basis.

“Offering an excellent digital customer experience is becoming a prerequisite in our line of business. Because of legal obligations and because digitalisation simply is the future. With the Mazars Signals platform, we are able to offer our clients a digital solution to their daily operation with a high level of personal involvement. Made possible through digital collaboration.”

Frank Keessen, CIO Mazars

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