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mei 01, 2023

Based on input from more than a quarter of all employed people in Ukraine, the third annual survey of employers in Ukraine by Forbes and puts Valtech among the top employers.

Forbes Ukraine and the job search website have determined the 50 best employers in Ukraine, ranking Valtech as number 14. Based on questionnaires focusing on a variety of attributes, including working conditions, compensation, opportunities for development and a feeling of protection, the survey was the largest in the history of Forbes. 

Our people are at the heart of our business; they are the ones who drive progress and move us forward by doing an excellent job, where they are and constantly growing while achieving personal and company objectives. We were always a people-first company and now in these difficult times it hasn't changed, our approach remains the same. When the full-scale war began, Valtech evacuated employees from the northern and eastern regions, and we provided consultations with psychologists, arranged workshops on combating stress, lectures on meditation techniques and more. These practices will remain in place," says Nataliia Taylor, Head of People and Culture, Valtech Ukraine 

Valtech formed its first office in Ukraine in 2012 in Kharkiv. In 2017 the company acquired Pulsar Four LLC based in Kyiv and extended Valtech’s expertise in ecommerce. They are now based in six offices acorss Kyiv, Dnipro, Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi, Chernihiv and Lviv. 

Svetlana Gerassimova, Managing Director in Valtech Ukraine: 
“In a world of constant change, good people are the only constant. That has always been our foundation, and it becomes even more prominent in times of war and global recession. Our top priority in Valtech  is the safety of our people and providing them with an effective working environment. In addition to physical safety in our offices across Ukraine in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, and Chernivtsi we strive to ensure access to the latest technology and software, fast and reliable internet, autonomous electricity supply and training opportunities to help employees improve their skills and knowledge.” 

As part of a global company with more than 60 offices, maintaining a culture of people-first is a priority across all markets and one that has Svetlana prioritizes above all: 

“Being the best place to work, to us, also means fostering a culture of respect, collaboration, and open communication, where everyone feels valued and supported by their colleagues, peers, and managers. To achieve this, we do regular team building for project teams, training, feedback sessions, and recognition programs that reward employee achievements and contributions to our joint success.”  

What makes Valtech special for the people on the ground

Roman Zhyhulskyi, Salesforce B2C Commerce Application Architect, has been with the company for 6 years where he started as an intern: 

“After working for the company for many years, Valtech evokes a place of limitless growth and development for me. It's a place where customers succeed and are always greeted with a genuine smile. It's where great ideas that emerge during lunch are turned into reality the next day. The people at Valtech are friendly, sincere, and open, regardless of their positions. The consultants are highly skilled and always provide the best advice to clients, helping to build and transform their businesses successfully. Witnessing all of this makes you want to become part of this exceptional team”. 

Marina Levitskaya, Delivery Manager, has been with the company for 8 years, started as a QA engineer, moved to Project Management, and grew to Delivery Manager: 

“Valtech is better than others because it gives me an opportunity to have influence and grow. Making changes is one of my personal drivers and I appreciate an opportunity to do it throughout my career. No matter the role each of the consultants can actually change our processes and approaches, transforming both Valtech and clients’ businesses. If you see that something is not optimal or can be improved, you can change it! All our innovative ideas, wonderful events, social initiatives, and charity projects are initiated and driven by people inside of the organization and it truly engages you.  
Your opinion is valued, you have a space to shine, you work with top-notch clients and you are surrounded by wonderful people who can both challenge you and share your vision. This is the definition of the best workplace for me”. 

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