The Six Trends Driving Travel and Tourism Recovery 

Examining the future of the travel industry after covid

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After Covid shut world travel down and lingering fears caused travelers to rethink their plans, concerns about the future of the Travel and Hospitality industry have been front of mind for multiple brands. With countries opening their borders to travel again, tourism recovery has become the top focus, and questions about what forces will guide travel industry recovery are becoming the most frequent topic of conversation amongst insiders. In this whitepaper, we’re examining the six trends all Travel and Hospitality brands need to focus on.

Post-Pandemic Travel Trends 

With the worst of the pandemic behind us, and people around the world adjusting to travel within the new normal, all of the travel trends we see emerging can be considered post-pandemic trends. But some of the changes in traveler behavior can be more directly linked to the outcomes from the pandemic and deserve to be considered through that lens. When we talk about the increase in bleisure travel plans, or the increase in travelers who work from home and travel with remote business needs in mind, we’re talking about trends directly related to the pandemic.  

Other trends like the focus on sustainable practices and the importance of centering employee happiness are accelerations of trends that started before the pandemic. All these trends and more are explored in this paper.  

Meeting the Future of Travel Industry After COVID 

The tools to be able to best meet the post-pandemic travel future are here. Where brands should be focusing their spending and innovation efforts, the behavioral changes that are here to stay post-covid, and the technology that exists today to help meet expectations are all detailed in this paper.  

The travel industry is recovering, and that recovery comes with an increase in types of travel the industry hadn’t seen before. Meeting the future of the travel industry after Covid is possible. Download this whitepaper so you won’t have to meet it alone.