Digital Content Manager

Caroline Boessenkool

Caroline has over 7 years of experience as a copywriter and content creator for government institutions and companies, making their content hit the nail right on the head. In her free time, she's a blogger. Is an ambassador of storytelling as she believes that stories are what our lives are made of.

My Insights

Five quick wins to increase your Click Through Rates

You have a mind-blowingly funky new website. You even did the content mapping and you’re absolutely convinced that your site offers just what your visitors want. From the tip of their toes. More than strawberry chocolate cake. There is only one problem. A rather big one: they are not converting. They’re not buying, they’re not signing up, they’re not contacting you. They’re not doing what you want them to do. Instead, they leave. Off to greener grasses.

janeiro 26, 2017

The Content Ocean

We are living in a digital age where users are drowning in oceans of information and are being exposed to neverending waves of content on a daily basis. To avoid drowning in irrelevant content, users will do everything to swim away from the overwhelming waves. Read on and save your users from drowning!

março 31, 2016