SVP, Marketing & Service Strategy

Randy Woods

Randy Woods

The Digital Marketing Opportunity For B2B Manufacturers

B2B manufacturers are facing global forces that will change the underlying nature of the manufacturing business. The rise of disruptive technologies—3D printing, advanced robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning—are introducing radical new opportunities and threats to the manufacturing marketplace.

fevereiro 15, 2019

INFOGRAPHIC: How to improve your B2B marketing with Sitecore XP

Learn how Sitecore XP capabilities can complement your organization's marketing tactics and vastly improve your B2B marketing efforts.

janeiro 03, 2017

A successful intranet strategy in 8 steps

Too often organizations fail at developing a strategy prior to embarking on an intranet renewal project. Avoid that mistake with our intranet strategy process.

novembro 25, 2014