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Event Date: fevereiro 15, 2021
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Take Control of Your Content Again
Creating memorable moments at every touchpoint is the only way to attract and tie customers to your brand—that’s something every marketer knows. But consistently delivering top-notch content in every phase can be quite a challenge. Does it feel impossible to create qualitative content with speed? Are you lost in all the content you’ve created? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, you are in the middle of a Content Crisis.

No worries, though. You're about to regain control of your content. Bart Lammertyn, Content Hub Specialist at Sitecore, and Pascal Malotti, Business Development & Strategy Director at Valtech, shared their five steps to tackle a Content Crisis in our webinar. Are you ready to create some first-class content? Then watch the webinar recording, or read on for the key learnings.

“To solve the Content Crisis, you need to arm yourself with the ability to plan, create, collaborate, store, distribute, manage and publish any content across all channels and connect the dots between content and customer behaviour.”

- Bart Lammertyn, Content Hub Specialist EMEA at Sitecore


Five Practical Steps to Tackle Your Content Crisis
The pandemic forced organisations to focus on digital channels more than ever. This has accelerated digitisation for a lot of brands, big or small. But brands that were already on the digital road felt a renewed need to stand out from competitors and continuously deliver original content on all channels. A real challenge that cannot be solved by simply working harder and increasing output. To tackle your Content Crisis, there are five practical steps you need to take.  

  1. Adjust your mindset
    One thing is for sure: things will have to change in your organisation. So, keeping an open mind is vital. More importantly, you need to be willing and able to transform your organisation. People have invested a lot in their digital window to the world. They are pushing content to their social channels, website, e-commerce and so on. But in any organisation there are silos, each responsible for their individual element. Stop creating content for every channel separately and get your colleagues to work together. This will make your content more consistent and it allows you to reuse it. 

  1. Invest in tools that help streamline content governance
    Many brands struggle with keeping a clear overview of what's going on in their organisation. There are many stakeholders with amazing ideas, but they are using different tools to share them. From WeTransfer and Google Drive to Excel sheets and email: with multiple unintegrated systems, it is hard to understand what is going on and what needs to be done.
    Using the right tools allows you to create content continuously, be more flexible and have the right insights to improve content. An advanced Digital Asset Management system (DAM) helps you take charge of your content. Sitecore’s Content Hub is a next-level DAM system. It unifies content planning, production, collaboration and management in one single, integrated solution. In creating the Content Hub platform, Sitecore took a holistic approach. They aimed to create something that is not just a DAM system, but a place where you can create and manage content from A to Z.

  2. Make content production part of your enterprise landscape
    There is a lot of underutilised data in every organisation, especially in the product-driven ones. Bringing together content like photography, copy, samples and pricing documents in one single platform allows colleagues to add the content they find relevant. And as a marketer, you can easily gather and re-use information whenever you want.

  3. See content creation as a process
    Every blog, social post or product page you create needs to be planned. Therefore, you should look at the entire process from a planning perspective. Brainstorms, content calendars, product information, visuals and the branding concept: every stream needs to work together. Make sure you’ve got everything you need in one place to prevent yourself from running around your organisation gathering the right pieces of content.

  4. Modularize your content
    People are used to looking at the various content on its own, like print and catalogues. But with a digital presence, you shouldn’t think in terms of separate content silos anymore. The key to success is to pull everything apart as much as possible and store the smallest bricks left. For example: a blog post needs a title, subtitle, body text, a quote and visuals. But on social media, your audience doesn’t have time to absorb your content. So, re-using the title, quote and visuals should do the trick. Modularising your content means breaking it down to its essential elements and reassembling where needed.

Sitecore Content Hub x Valtech
Seeing the massive interest from customers in all industries, the market is definitely ready for a DAM system like Sitecore Content Hub.  And not only customers who are already using Sitecore are keen, because you can use Sitecore Content Hub as a stand-alone platform, too. Sitecore Content Hub combines different technologies to form a single source of truth. In terms of functionality, it goes way beyond what a traditional DAM system does, and it will significantly cut down your workload.

Valtech is one of the first licensed Sitecore partners to implements Sitecore Content Hub. As your digital partner, we can guide you through all five steps: from managing complex organisation changes to implementing your new way of working. Want to find out more about the work we do? Get in touch with us today!