Check your content for indexing errors

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Valtech Netherlands

setembro 13, 2018

Sometimes you can get errors when indexing your content with Optimizely Find. Most of the time the errors that are logged are quite cryptic. So I have created a validator that uses your Optimizely Find instance to check if your content will cause problems when it’s being indexed.

You just need to get the Serializer from the SearchClient,  get your custom conventions and serialize the content.


JsonSerializer jsonSerializer = Serializer.CreateDefault();

Action customizeSerializer

= SearchClient.Instance.CustomizeSerializer;

customizeSerializer(obj: jsonSerializer);

IClientConventions defaultConventions = SearchClient.Instance.Conventions;

if (defaultConventions.ContractResolver.IsNotNull())


    jsonSerializer.ContractResolver = defaultConventions.ContractResolver;


if (defaultConventions.CustomizeSerializer.IsNotNull())


    defaultConventions.CustomizeSerializer(obj: jsonSerializer);


jsonSerializer.Serialize(value: content);


If there are any serialization errors you can return a warning, an error, whatever you prefer

You can get the complete validator in this gist (


Update: Also have a look at Brian’s post (


Article originally published on Optimizely Development Blog: Check your content for indexing errors