Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: How Beauty Tech Can Change the Way You Shop

Senior Global Copywriter

outubro 20, 2020

Imagine looking into your bathroom mirror one morning to find: a couple of new freckles, dry patches of skin, and maybe even new smile lines. Now imagine saying a word or making a simple gesture and seeing an antioxidant-packed, moisturising sunscreen pop up in the mirror: a product suggestion based on not just your skin’s latest needs, but also your budget, your ethics and your lifestyle.

Sound like science fiction? Well, it’s not. It’s Beauty Tech, and it is quickly becoming the future of the beauty industry.

Beauty Tech is the application of innovative technology to better guide, educate and personalise a customer’s beauty shopping experience. While the traditional experience of beauty shopping involves spending hours of time researching and hundreds of dollars experimenting, we at Valtech are challenging this standard by exploring and developing the latest in Beauty Tech to help retailers optimise the ways customers interact with their brands as a whole.

Using Computer Vision to Change an Industry

Using Computer Vision technology is one example of how Valtech leverages technology to enrich the customer shopping experience. When a customer is browsing products in-store, a centrally located Computer Vision screen can track the eyes and attention of the customer to detect where they are looking. In response to the customer’s focus, the screen will begin educating the customer on how to use certain products, skin types best suited for each product, and other helpful information.

Woman using beauty tech Opte WandCustomers are also encouraged to interact with this educational tool by directing it to where he or she would like to learn more. Having this knowledge along with access to the product itself can improve customer engagement in stores, as well as help customers narrow down options faster and easier.

Blending the Line Between Physical and Digital Beauty Shopping

Another focus of Beauty Tech is improving the overall shopping trip by fostering seamless omni-channel shopping experiences. Providing customers with mobile app options is one way to help keep their favourite products, or products of interest, organised for future purchases. This allows customers to keep track of products, while also reducing friction if the customer decides to purchase the product at a later date or online.

Mock up of smart mirror beauty tech productThe focus on improving omni-channel shopping allows retailers to optimise engagement opportunities with customers both online and in-store, while also allowing the retailer to get to know the customer better and provide customised offerings such as personalised samples, loyalty points or discounts.

Few things are more personal than our own beauty routines, and retailers are seeing the value in delivering customised solutions to their consumers and engaging their customer base on a personal level. In today’s fast-paced world where the biggest disruptors are the companies capable of adapting quickly, Valtech sees Beauty Tech as the answer when it comes to beauty retailers meeting the rapidly changing demands of their customers.

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