Quality in Digital Era

Manager QA & Management Representative – Quality

janeiro 24, 2017

Quality in Digital Era

“Quality”, it is expected everywhere and every time irrespective of the size and value of the product or the service delivered. Faster rate of change in the Technology drives the world at a faster rate. At 2020, it is expected that 75% of the organization in the world will be in the midst of digital business transformation initiatives and Information technology industry has a large role to play for this critical transformation in a short span of three years.

It is necessary to define process that will help the industry to produce quality products and services, to make the customer feel “WOW”. For example, when we take a simple case of online purchase activity in retail or travel, the digital world made it easy to make it within few minutes using mobile. Most of the applications are being used by variety of users starting from a layman to a well-qualified person, from a school student to aged person. Here in addition to the functionality, the look and feel of the screen, navigation, the type of device used, and the browser used in that device, the operating system used varies a lot. The layman may be having a low-end mobile, whereas the professional may have a high-end gadget, but the application should satisfy both the users.

Because of the rapid technology changes, the application created has to work in the gadgets, which are expected in the near future also. Maintainability and scalability of the application also play a crucial role in planning and deciding the quality of the application being developed. Therefore, defining and implementing a well-defined process will help to ensure a quality application is developed to make the customer delighted. Addition of the features available in the competitors’ applications will make the customer delighted.

The testing starts, once the development is completed. Unlike earlier days, the effort required to test the non-functional requirement is increased because of the different browsers, gadgets, and operating systems with different versions. These nonfunctional requirements increases the complexity of the application testing. The testing starts from looking for the fonts used to the videos displayed in the application. Sometimes the images, videos, popups used may change according to the geographical area where the application is being used. So the test cases created and executed should bear in mind the functionalities and the display requirements also.

To have a control over the cost and to make quick deliveries test automation becomes mandatory. The areas to be tested using automation is to be decided based on the cost involved in automation and the duration of the scripts being used without changes. Usage of open source tools for automation will minimize the inventory on the project.

In addition to the above testing the seamless interaction among multiple systems, analytical tests, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing for improvement of the business will make the customer feel that the development team has delivered a stable application. The team may go out of box thinking to improve the performance and security of the application and may include them.

In the digital world we have to make our deliverables not only meeting the requirements of the customers, we have to look for the end user's level and their expectations, which will ensure that we are not only exceeding the expectation of the customer, we will excite their business with our trendy digital technology.

Don’t you think now how Quality is very imperative in Digital Era?