Service Design Meets Makers

Business Unit Director, Commerce
Valtech SE

outubro 31, 2019

The Valtech Store and Home environment are all about exploring, designing, tinkering and building connected experiences with clients, employees and partners. As a lab-to-learn partner, we help our clients develop new promising proof-of-concepts and prototypes that we stress-test in a realistic setting. We believe in experimenting and adopting a try-measure-learn-approach as a strategy to handle change. It is our mission to help our clients transform by doing.

We look at new tech through the lens of how it may enrich the customer experience. We look at data points from the prototypes as a means to making better business decisions. We identify technologies and services that are robust, scalable and cost-efficient. Last, but not least, we use digitalization to innovate sustainable business models using circular design thinking.


Shopping assistance & sales funnel - from pickup to purchase

We have elaborated on different forms of digital shopping assistants. We’ve created a robust, flexible and scalable Point-of-Sales solution built on open source technology, running on minimal and cost-efficient hardware. It’s a great alternative to solutions that are on the market, including licensing and maintenance fees.

By using RFID-technology, we can follow each item’s sales funnel from the rack to product trial in a dressing room where we have a smart mirror, onwards to purchase, which is done through the shopper’s smartphone. In the dressing room, we acknowledge which product that is brought in for a trial and suggest items that others have tried on (social upsell). We also smooth the path to purchase by making it possible to buy on the spot through the phone - the e-commerce site is only a QR-code away.

The Connected Shoe – a Valtech Store Exclusive

Touch and feel is the key to in-store experiences, and with Valtech’s Connected Shoe, we’ve made the product itself the remote control! The consumer holds the shoe in front of the screen to display product information. Would you like to see the shoe in blue? Just shake it, and it changes color!

Not limited to shoes, our POS concept consists of an interactive screen that shows a physical product (in this case, a shoe) in 3D. The display makes it possible for customers to zoom and check out the product from different angles and get info spots with deeper information about product features.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Business

We are obsessed with tech-applications that make sense in the customer journey. VR is about offering deeper engagements with products or services that the real world can’t deliver as easily. Our prototype, “Vroom” allows you to practice driving in different conditions. The in-store VR-solution that Valtech created for Decathlon – which we demo – offers a complete camping environment with tents that customers can walk into. It would have required 500 m2 to expose all tents in the store versus 5 m2 with the VR-installation.
AR has really found its business applications.


Sephora’s Beauty Mirror allows consumers to virtually sample various pallets. The interface “tracks the precise location of a user’s facial features and applies eye shadow colors directly on the video feed from a camera.”

At Valtech, we took on one of the toughest challenges – to make children want to clean. By equipping a regular vacuum cleaner with easily accessible technology, we made cleaning a fun gaming experience. In the AR game “First Person Cleaner,” you hunt both candy and your weekly allowance but avoid monsters trying to eat your rewards.

Valtech’s core is digital. We explore and develop digital solutions along with our customers.

The breadth of our service offerings does not mean that we remain unaffected by the rapid pace of technological changes. We value refining our product offerings and have done so since our origin. Valtech transforms by doing – by research, experimenting and implementation.