Digital Clarity Group Distingues Valtech as Preferred Digital Partner in Europe

abril 23, 2014

Each year, Digital Clarity Group publishes a reference guide on the digital agencies offering best in class services in Web Content and Customer Experience Management to international brands and major companies.

In 2013 Valtech was identified as one of the key players in the U.S. market. This year sees a new development in the evolution of this guide, as DCG is launching its first European edition.

"For many years, Europe has benefited as a “fast follower,” observing how North American firms responded to disruptions and then following the established trends and best practices. The accelerating pace of change no longer allows this luxury. Firms that do not act now to navigate the digital disruptions and respond to empowered customers will no longer exist in a few years. The selection of strategic service provider partners will have an enormous impact on the success of this transformation" - Dr Tim Walters, main analyst and partner, DCG.

Customer Experience Management & Web Content Management

DGC distinguished Valtech in Europe as one of the most able organisations in developing and deploying these services, thereby promoting the acquisition of new customers or strengthening their commitment to these brands...

“We are obviously very pleased to have been noticed by DCG," says Olivier Padiou, Group Chief Operating Officer. “Our presence in this guide validates our offer of a digital responsive platform built around our vision of a new, more agile and connected marketing. The best consumer experience is now always possible, regardless of the touch point in the digital world, entirely at the hands of the marketing teams. Our approach makes us the preferred partner for companies that wish to not only meet but exceed today’s digital expectations."

Agile Marketing

DCG emphasizes the quality of Valtech’s services in its on-going efforts to customize the user experience. Indeed, Valtech partners with the biggest brands in the luxury, automotive, finance and health sectors in successfully deploying its vision of AgileTM Marketing.