Great Success for Valtech “Social Analytics” Event in Partnership with Adobe Systems France and ComScore

março 06, 2012

Valtech held its first Social Analytics event in its Paris headquarters, in partnership with Adobe Systems France and comScore.

Valtech held its first Social Analytics event in its Paris headquarters, in partnership with Adobe Systems France and comScore.

After the global launch by Adobe of its Social Analytics solution in Paris last November, Valtech decided to take one step back and highlight the key insights and issues related to this hot topic, inviting the leader in analytics in partnership, with comScore.

The event took place in Valtech headquarters in Paris and gathered more than a hundred people from the technology and marketing world. This event was a great opportunity for Valtech to show its strong expertise in web analytics, but also to reinforce its partnership with Adobe, a market leader in digital marketing solutions.

With the emergence of ecommerce, social media have become one of the major aspects of the online distribution channels, and their power is not yet to be proven. But brands continue to struggle to adapt to this new game. Though they all acknowledge that social activity goes far beyond a volume of likes or followers, marketers still face a huge challenge in finding the most relevant and accurate ways to assess the incremental value that social media adds to the top line.

In this context, Delphine Gatignol, VP Sales Europe at comScore and in charge of the famous study on web users’ usages and behaviours, drew the portrait of today’s consumer in social media, through a selection of new figures from the soon-to-be-published study “The Power of Like”.

Christophe Lauer, Social Media Lead at Valtech, then stated the great principles to be followed in social analytics, to overturn some frequent prejudices but also to underline the challenge that social media measurement represents today.

Aurélie Hornoy, Digital Performance Lead at Valtech, showed how to assess the engagement of social media users, considered as of the first business value, which is not always connected to net ROI value.

To conclude this presentation, Adobe experts in social analytics solutions demonstrated the strength of a tool able not only to cross social media metrics with business data, but also to understand the value of a social content in conversion rates on cross-channels customer journeys.

This event made the point eloquently on Adobe’s cutting edge solution and should convince marketing managers that social media measurement is now far from being only at the stage of experimentation, though it requires more than ever to be supported by experts.