Valtech Welcomes New General Manager in China to Scale Growth Across the Region

dezembro 21, 2022

Adding years of experience and a unique understanding of the Chinese Market, Clement Ledormeur will support Valtech's global clients in entering and scaling their operations across China.

As the largest and fastest-growing eCommerce market in the world, the demand from businesses to enter and scale their operations across the Chinese market has never been greater. Bringing more than a decade’s worth of experience driving client growth, Valtech’s new General Manager in China, Clement Ledormeur, will work alongside major global brands, to build awareness and enable them to scale across the region.

There is no doubt that China is the world leader in the eCommerce space, with a sales volume of 2.64 trillion US dollars in 2021 at a whopping 14% YOY growth. It is critical for businesses to be present in China if they are not already, and work with a profound understanding of the Chinese consumers and ecosystem. Being based out of China for more than 10 years, Clement brings a plethora of knowledge and expertise around the Chinese market. He is a strategic hire and serves a very critical role in leveraging the potential of this market and supporting our global clients with key insights about China.

- Henri Petitet, Regional Director, Valtech APAC

A Huge Opportunity in China

Clement is excited to help brands to reorient their business model to better understand Chinese consumers, by assisting them to develop a deeper understanding of the culture and preferences. According to Clement:

“China represents a huge opportunity for many if not most businesses. The end-to-end capabilities Valtech has combined with its global scale and local understanding of the markets and its particularities make it the right partner for international brands that need to build, localize and run their global digital initiatives on the Chinese market and bridge with their local teams.”


Improving lives with innovative experiences

Driven by the same entrepreneurial mindset as Valtech, Clement has delivered more than 50 technology projects for international brands and groups and has served as the GM and Partner of a shanghai-founded start-up specializing on the WeChat Mini Program. Given his deep understanding of the Chinese market and ecosystem, he chose to join Valtech to help improve people's lives through innovative experiences. He elaborates:

"In 2017, when I had my first interaction with Valtech, I was impressed by their ability to combine human experience and technology in delivering exceptional, innovative solutions for their clients. Today, I share their enthusiasm and commitment to rapid innovation and digitally-enabled business transformation, and I believe China has a lot to offer. With a completely different digital ecosystem, a great firewall, and ever-changing laws, it is critical to adapt at the same speed as the market."

Based in Shanghai China, Clement will be working with Valtech’s clients across the globe to help expand their presence to China, working side-by-side with Valtech’s global teams to provide innovative experiences to the Chinese market, which Valtech has come to be known for.