Valtech Awarded With “Most Contagious Retail Prize” for Audi City Project

dezembro 17, 2012

Audi City project, deployed by a consortium of agencies among which Valtech, received an award at the Annual Most Contagious Conference in London.

Contagious magazine, a well-know media specializing on digital, attributes each year Most Contagious Awards, rewarding the most creative and visionary ideas that were implemented in the world during the year. The focus is on technology, design, as well as the perfection of concrete implementation.

Last week, Audi City project, a monumental project made by a team of several agencies among which Valtech, received the “Most Contagious Retail Prize”. Through this all-digital showroom, Audi completely reinvented the point of sales for automotive, offering a radically new experience for city clients. Thanks to the innovative use of digital and interactive technologies, Audi can now solve one of the main issues of showrooms: the ability to show the large range of products in a constraint space, right in the middle of London. Visitors can build their own personalized car, with touchscreens and interactive screens and visualize it in 1:1 scale on HD screens.

This project could not be brought to life without Valtech strong technology expertise, which enabled to connect all devices, all screens and all technologies involved in this showroom. Valtech technology expertise gave birth to the immersive experience imagined by Audi and the whole consortium of agencies involved.

This Most Contagious Award comes at the end of a year full of recognitions for Valtech. We are immensely proud of this award. Point of sale digital revolution is one of the key trends for the coming years and we continue to innovate with our clients on these topics”, declares Carsten Brogaard Jensen, Regional Director, Valtech.

We are really proud of this award on such a project, which mobilized teams in Germany and in Toulouse, France. This large-scale technological challenge enabled our teams to create a radically new digital experience that sublimes usages on the point of sales”, adds Suzanne Schroder, Director, Valtech Toulouse.

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